Gun Jugging

Wanted to share this. I always carry spare carry gun at the range, and I pay attention in parking lots. People are getting jumped at gun range parking lots


Very interesting. I’ve thought about this scenario too…way back when I last went to the range :unamused:

Thanks for sharing. It’s a good reminder to always be alert and aware of surrounding areas. :eyes:


I always worry about this when I am leaving the range so much so that I only carry what I can on my left side and keep my right arm free.


That is so sad, but I always open carry when I go the ranges and make sure I have access to when carrying my gear. Plus at the range I worry about someone deciding to do something stupid. Thank you for sharing this.


It doesn’t seem like they’re doing it at the range. That would actually be a really dangerous proposition for them as there are potentially a lot of armed people in that parking lot. The example they gave was following someone, who left the range, and breaking into his car at a restaurant. Presumably to get his range bag. I generally make sure to go straight home after a range visit as I don’t like leaving guns in the car, but another way to look at this is that we need to be situationally aware and able to pick out if someone was following us.


Well… not necessarily. If you don’t have a CCW (and carrying) your firearm is in a bag and unloaded for transport. Definitely not quickly deployable.


Yeah, I suppose that’s true. I was basing my comment off the fact that the article is from Houston and I live in Texas. Knowing the people that frequent the ranges here puts the odds pretty high that there are plenty of LTC’s (Texas’ License to Carry) in a gun range parking lot here. I would bet the criminal element around here is also aware of those odds.

True, I used to only have one carry gun. Most ranges require any gun you’re shooting to be unloaded when you enter and leave the range.

I carry my EDC at the range just like everywhere else. I just put the self defense ammo back in the mag before I leave


At my range they have two different lanes. A traditional lane where you shoot one shot every two seconds and you have your own stall next to other people. Then they have private lanes where you can shoot rifles, practice drawing and rapid fire. I can carry my gun into a private lane, but not the traditional lane if that makes sense.

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I carry a pistol ,fixed blade knife,and a folding knife when I leave the house and at the range.

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This ^

Prior to getting a CCW permit, I felt vulnerable with locked unloaded guns in locked containers as I exit the range.

I agree with the practice of going straight home after a trip to the range.


Just had a talk with daughter about this.