Gripipping the pistol


I have done my grip with no issue but when I aim at the eyes with a great sight picture and my rounds land on the chin the Ruger American has no up or down adjust should I change the back straps


Is your firing hand completely on the backstrap all he way up to the “meat notch”??? If Yes, then I would run dry fire drills with a dime or a nickle to see if your anticipating the shot…


Yes my strong hand is in the notch completely and as far as anticipating the shot it’s not there I’m going to try a different back straps I have a 7inch rod in my strong hand witch is like having a bowling glove on so recoil is not a issue I’ll go to the next size down and see wish me luck


Here’s at drill to help you see the finch and how to correct it - if that’s what’s causing the issue:

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Is the gun new to you? What distance are you having issues with shooting low? I have an HK VP9. They’re made for cover hold/combat POA. SIG does the same. Perhaps Ruger does also.


No I have had it for 3 years and at 15 yards but it was retrofitted on a recall going to get a 9mm laser round to see if it’s the gun


Got ya. Good luck. Hope you find the issue.


Sounds like you’re flinching. To confirm this, have someone sneak a snap cap in your mag without you knowing.


I love to hate this drill. Its very effective tho. I try to fit in a few repetitions of it at the beginning of a range day.

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Confession: Ive cut my supporting hand twice on the slide at the range. But I didn’t do it the last time at the range firing several different guns. My friend has been carrying since at least 1994. He’s a range officer and a former Major in the Army Rangers. He gave me some really good pointers. Practice makes perfect. My marksmanship is spot on though. I get tired after a while. I just need to build up strength. I’ve been sedintary too long.

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