Greenwood gun drill

Closest I could do. 25 yards at indoor range, no leaning on anything just standing, edc gun with gold dot 124+P ammo. Shot timer at 9.9 seconds


I was beginning to wonder if anyone else was going to attempt it.

98 days till November. I had three ticks crawling on me from that adventure today. Plan to try again after replenishing my practice ammo.

Need to look into a shot timer app. Hate to spend the money on a real one.


I have to say that the success of this individual was in how he handled the stress of the situation. Practice is wonderful. When I started shooting steel competitions In the early 80’s I was a really good shot. Lots of practice. But when I decided to join a club and shoot competition, everything went straight to Down the toilet. The easiest shots I missed when I was up against other competitors. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Over time I overcame this and eventually got really good. The stress of competition is a really good teacher. Some of our local ranges have competitions. From my experience I recommend when you can to shoot a few competitions. 10 shots in 15 seconds, competition will help you accomplish this. I’m just saying that for me, practice this drill, then put it to the test when you’re under time against other competitors.


Competitions are really good at improving your shooting skills. Another good thing about competition shooting is the support of the other shooters that will share advice to really help you!


Plus they’re a heck of a lot of fun!


Lol I bet they do.

I go out to the country and have big fun. Get some soda bottles and shoot at those, they make you aim real good with a pistol

In order to do that drill correct you need to run for 5 minutes or do jumping jacks or push ups to get your heart racing like it would be if you had to face a crazed gunman bent on killing everyone in sight.


Taran Butler shoots drill with ten shots in 6.63 seconds!


No misses from TT :slight_smile:

I thought the drill was 8 hits and 2 mendatory misses … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Did the drill twice today on some new steel. I forgot about the advancing to 30 yards part, so this is all at 40.

Darker hits are 9mm +P Liberty Civil Defense rounds. 8/10, cleared the time before I recorded it :grimacing:

Red-circled hits are Sig 124 gr ball. 9/10, 10.17s.

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Before my little medical event I had tried my little LCP Max a few times at 20 to 25 yards and maybe as far as 35 once. Probably had about a 75% or better hit rate against my small (20” by 12”) IDPA shaped steel target with not a whole lot of practice with the pistol yet. But that was with no stress and my practice time has been significantly reduced over the past 8 months.

Think in this mall scenario if my only option was a micro compact my first choice would be running away. If I was forced to engage, or chose to engage because children were being targeted, I would hopefully either be able to use cover to shoot from a braced position or to close the distance for a closer shot. I feel much more comfortable out to 10 or 15 yards with the LCP.

Will have to try this drill with my P365 when I get some time. I used to practice with it at 35 yards with good results and do occasionally pocket carry it. Though I would still be looking for cover and a braced position if possible regardless of what I was carrying.


My significant lack of practice time due to my recuperation and new job and family commitments has taken its toll. Only 3 hits with my P365 at 35 yards:( 35 is the furthest I can go without getting onto a slope at the pit I was at. Took an agonizingly long 11.6 seconds. Just couldn’t pick up the sights and get them back on target as quick as I used to. The first shot did hit though very low and right.

In my defense I set up my target then did the drill with no warm up after a brief little sprint to simulate some stress. Was also in a gusty wind and rushed due to an approaching thunderstorm. My target was a reduced size IDPA style steel target that is only 12”X18”. Not sure how many hits I would have had with the full size USCCA target.

Most of my very limited recuperation practice has been with my bedside G19. Definitely need to work on the dryfire and live fire drills with the P365 now that I am out and about much more.



This is why we like to do drills cold with no warmup. Shooting cold is a realistic measure of abilities. Doing the drill is the important fact of act to keep you on track! …sorry!
I cheat on my gun drills; I practice over and over at home with my SIRT pistol before I even go to the range and do the drills. So, good for you on doing it the way you did do it! Thank you!


I was trying to make it as realistic as possible to get a better measurement of how I might actually perform. Was doing more of that last year before my training got derailed. I think it is better to set up a realistic drill and run that cold at the start of a session than to work my way up to it. Allows me to see what I need to focus on for the rest of the day.

Really need to get my hands on a SIRT to up my dryfire game. I did just pick up an airsoft replica of my P365. Hope to do some in the garage drills and eventually get my neighbors on board for some force on force training.

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