Grassley to ATF


Why take the focus off criminal activities? Criminals will make the goosestepping thugs of the atf work for their paycheck. Target law abiding citizens and there is no threat to these POS thugs!



A Republican Senator grousing about the ATF is likely to be as effective as Republicans grousing about the excesses of the EPA for that last five decades (created by Nixon BTW) which just gets bigger and more intrusive. It’s just political theater intended to pander to the Republican base while accomplishing nada.


Has anyone noticed Isreali PM Netanyahu’s call for all citizens to arm themselves. A lesson that was learned centuries ago - SI VIS PACEM, PARA BELLUM (Latin for “If you want peace, prepare for war.”). I strongly believe at least one deterent to foreign military invasion of our country is the 83 million + good responsible gun owners that could be quickly mobilized for defense and defeat of invaders. What political or monetary advantage is there in disarming them instead of disarming criminals and cartels. If the ATF won’t do it, send in the Marines (first to fight for right and freedom).


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