Good to have Family and Friends

“This Weapon Has No Effect On Fierce Kodiak Bear"


People and Bears… People always underestimate Bears. Good neighbors as it should be. :+1:


If you ever get the time to read the journals from the Lewis & Clark expedition, do it.

As they meet native nations along the way, the expedition likes to show off their fancy air rifles that require no powder. But as they go farther and farther West, they’re warned repeatedly that there is a demon that lives in the wilderness, and they must be cautious. (They sometimes had to translate through multiple languages to get to English, so exact meanings were sometimes lost.)

Spoiler alert: one day, either Lewis or Clark (I can’t recall which one) is standing near the river talking when he hears an air rifle. And then he hears it again. And again. And again, this time closer. Then closer still. Then a hunting party comes dashing out of the woods, screaming towards the river. Their best hunter yells out “We found the demon!” A grizzly is hot on their trail, having taken several shots and only gotten more irritated.


When your perfect aim does nothing more than piss it off :hushed:

I always stay respectful of wildlife…


Nothing worse than being out twelve miles hunting mountain goats when I got one. There is no way I can pack the whole thing out on one trip so the head, the hide and one hind quarter was put on my back, and I hiked it out. Knowing how long the trip was and having to go back I felt as though since I cannot shoot anything else I left my gun at the truck. As I approached where I had the rest of the mountain goat, I spotted the biggest black bears I had ever seen even to this date munching on the mountain goat. I looked for about a minute then turned around and got out of there. Even if I had my rifle, I could not shoot the bear but what a big bear he was.

Now, I always have protection with me when I go out even if it is on a hike, even mountain lions do not play well with people. Don’t get me started on Sasquatch either!


I appreciate everyone’s comments and thoughts. The reason for this posting of a Family in need, the DAD is a very hard worker, I sincerely do not see mistakes made
except having a .45 LC and that Taurus Judge. You can
have a .460 or a .500 Magnum and you can make positive hits, but shot placement maybe impossible under this adrenaline filled moment to protect his wife and children. Only had a few feet and seconds and he did his best.

Checking doors and making sure they are locked, that
would not be help to stop a 1000 pound bear, unless the doors were able to with stand animal attacks or a
charging herd of elephants. This man had great backup
plans and job was well done. Concern; what attracted
that bear to that house, FOOD?

Training and learning what to do in case of emergencies
are needed. Valuable lessons to be learned to prepare
to stop 2 legged intruders and protect our families. The
Taurus Judge and .45 LC is still a good choice to own
for personal protection.

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Interesting story!
The reality is, it is essential to have family and friends no matter who you are or where you live.