Good Guy with a gun save Good Guy with a gun

Love it Love it Love it.


Thanks for sharing Mike. Often educational. Glad no one gut hurt. Kudos to the media for bringing a positive story to light.

Not the biggest fan of larger looking weapons, but given the distances and commotion, I wonder if the fact that the weapon was so highly visible to the assailant, was it thus more impactful?

What a cool officer to feel so compelled to “thank”. Has a big heart, his life and limb must have really been on the line; It can happen to anyone, big or small.


I’m wondering why the Officer allowed the driver step out from the car?
This is the first indicator of the troubles.

Anyway, I’m glad we saw happy ending. Good lesson taken.


He is a police officer. All uniformed officers OC. Did you not read the story where the perp stated the one with the firearm is in “control”? That was supposedly the reason for trying to take the firearm, he wanted to be the one in “control”. It might have been the drugs that addled his mind, but read the rest of his comments as to why he did what he did. His reasons had ZERO to do with your assumptions.

Most likely he was being so “kind” because he pulled over a black criminal and the police have been having a really bad time with those types lately. He did not want to become the next reviled officer forced to resign/be fired for doing his job.


@Jerzy seriously! As ISP started walking away from the driver, the driver turns to his interior, reaches in, and I’m thinking: Oh crapola, here comes the gun, assault underway and the Officer doesn’t have a clue!


Thank goodness for body cams and concealed carriers, that could have been a democratic dream come true!
Restraint shown by concealed Samaritan is awesome!
Why was he not highlighted in the news broadcast? Or given the keys to the city? I know, good guys with guns are not good guys. I’m not saying he should be touted as a hero, just recognized for saving a life. Those are the people that should get the endorsements.


You are we so right Scott52 but the news media does not want to paint us in a good light because that would counter their agenda against us legal aimed citizens. They have did this more than i can count so this why it important to put things like this on these types of media so those of us can see the real stories that the news media will never tell the whole story only what feeds their agenda. STAY ALERT DON’T GET HURT :cowboy_hat_face::cactus::sun_with_face::statue_of_liberty::desert::sunglasses::us::dart::us_outlying_islands::+1:


Here in Michigan, you do not get out of the vehicle. If you do you are explicitly told to get back in, so yep, I do not understand why the officer let him get out like that. The point here is the man became a criminal and it enrages me that we have so many legislators trying to take our firearms or prevent us from being able to use them in defense.
There continues to be so much data demonstrating large numbers of crimes wherein people with firearms in defending themselves are shown. Recently, I discovered on this sight that Heritage keeps track of firearm crimes. At this time in Michigan, our republicans are in concert for supporting many proposed firearms legislation against the public. A-a-arg!