Glock Sights (carry)

Hey all, thanks for having me aboard. Posted pics of my EDC pistol Gen 5 Glock 26 the other day.

I currently have 3 Glock pistols. Settled on the 26 for carry. 19.5 and a 43. All 3 have Trijicon HD sights on them and I personally can stand them. The front sight is too wide for shot accuracy past 5 yards. I get most SD encounters are up close and personal and I usually train between 3 - yards. I have read all about Taran, Dawson, Proctor, Heinie, Warren Fiber optic sights for carry. Too many choices. And the main thing is the Trijicon HD’s cover the target because the front is too wide.

Looking for experienced opinions on this before I spend a small fortune figuring it out on my own.


FWIW I’ve put 8/10 rounds into a 5" circle at 25 yards unsupported shooting a Glock 19 with Trijicon HD sights. They sights are absolutely capable of more than needed defensive accuracy well beyond 5 yards.

Almost all iron sights front sight will obscure much/most of the target, that is their nature. To get around that you’ll want a red dot sight and a lower 1/3 cowitness, or similar.

There are narrow front sights that will cover less of the target, and sights are a rather subjective and personal decision, there are many viable choices for you.

You kind of have to shoot them to know, I think.


It’s all going to be personal preference. I run XS Big Dots on my G19(milled now w/507Cgr) and G30. Depending on the distance the front dot will almost always cover the target completely.
Last year I focused on NPA instead of relying on my front sight.


I kind of figured that the sights and the pistols are far more capable than my skill level. 5yds Glock 26 4 days ago. Trijicon Hd sights. Blazer brass 124. When I get to 7 or 10 yds and it starts to get wild. Funny enough i’m right handed but left eye dominant and thats always been a bit of a challenge.


If you where shooting Trijicon HD ok in short distances, the simplest way to fix your issue is to upgrade them to Trijicon HD XR…
You are not the only person having this problem and Trijicon came with XR version just to make shooters happier for a longer distances.

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Those help in that less of the target is covered. But, still, shooting small groups and/or longer distance, where you are aiming is still likely going to be hidden by the front sight.

I find the original better for longer range precision, personally…I have an easier time doing equal light/equal height with a smaller available gap…the amount of light/gap is easier to equalize between the sides for me when there is less of it.

Personal preference at play I suppose



Well… red dot fixes all the problems. :wink:


Indeed. Cowitnessing (heights vary) irons to a red dot solves all these problems and adds entirely new additional benefits like built in redundancy for increased reliability.

I essentially only carry red dot equipped pistols now. It’s just better, objectively, to have irons and a dot


As you remember, I was struggling with my first red dots at the beginning. My current EDC has co-witnessed sights, but setup very low (almost invisible).
I found iron sight not usable anymore and I’m preparing my new EDC handgun with no iron sight at all. RMR only.


I keep my irons at 1/3rd. Still usable through the window.