Glaring Errors

Winchester '73 was the 1st of 5 westerns - and 8 total films - that Jimmy Stewart made with director Anthony Mann in the '50s - can you spot the TWO glaring errors during the shooting match to win the rifle? FYI - Kurt

Found some errors but googled it so I won’t claim anything. Haha

I haven’t seen that but in “The Rifleman” the opening credits/scene, he shoots his rifle by JUST actuating the lever!!! Super dangerous! Then he spins it to lever it again, but it doesn’t shoot him when spinning it around. CRAZY!

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I have seen a replica of the rifle used in “the Rifleman” and it had a small trigger catch on the bail which could be flipped up to auto pull the trigger when actuating the lever or flipped down so it would not.

Just saying one rifle could do both if it had the correct accessory.

I also had a cap gun as a kid with this feature.



YEARS ago, I had a great friend in Dallas TX. He loved old westerns and had a collection of videos. We used to laugh our asses off watching the gun chases and counting the shots. Person would have a six shooter and be chasing some other guy. Bang, bang, bang… shot 7 shot 10 shot 18 without reloading. Bang, bang, bang… guns never had to be reloaded… they just had an unlimited supply of rounds somehow. We really enjoyed it.

It funny to watch old B westerns movies set in the 1840’s 50’s or 60’s. They most always have cartridge belts, 1873 colts, and 1892 Winchester’s.

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