Gear you love!


Here’s the latest from the Concealed Carry Magazine Editors:

What would you add to that list? Any new gear you’ve gotten since the beginning of the year that you’re in love with?

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I think some more options for watches. I’m in the market for one, but at a different price point than the one listed.

I just ordered a nicer kydex owb holster for my FN. I had a versa carry leather holster for a while, but within the last month the leather got weak and it kind of curls in when reholstering the firearm.

I also got a gun belt by Hanks. My gun doesn’t sag anymore, so that’s nice.

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Seriously $299 for a watch?? That’s a new gun for the price of a watch IMO and still have money left for ammunition. Not everyone has that kind of money to spend on a time piece when you can get really reliable watches for a lot less.


The Nexbelt belt I ordered not to long ago. The ratchet belts are the way to go.