GB Guns Video Reviews

ESPECIALLY for you first-time buyers, these reviews - out of many others - are the most HELPFUL in making your final buying decisions. They’re often two-part reviews - the “Tabletop Review And Fieldstrip” centers on the gun itself, while the “Shooting Impressions” video is the range-test, using several brands and types of ammo in the gun. Take advantage of these - they certainly influenced my decisions about Grand Power and S & W 2.0 pistols when I began shopping again.

What is GB Guns?

Gun Broker

GB Guns is a gun broker and shop in FL - their range reviews involve a couple - (married?) - who review and shoot the same pistol with several brands and types of ammo, and give their personal impressions during the shootings. They’re very staunch fans of Grand Power pistols - if you want a sample, pull up GB “Tabletop Reviews and Fieldstrip” videos of whatever make & model pistol you’re interested in. These are refreshingly different from others - there’s no oppressive, musical intro, and no boring, Goober Pyle host - they get right into the subject gun they’re reviewing, after the usual YouTube disclaimer.

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Thanks. I know of Gun Broker as GB but figured “GB Guns” was different.

Can’t have too many people on YT talking about guns :slight_smile:

One VERY educational segment of a “Tabletop Reviews and Fieldstrip” video included changing the backstraps on S & W 2.0 pistols - these come with 4 - one on the gun, and 3 extra. Not only does the host show how EASY it is, but he comments on the aggressive texture of the straps, and how each change affects the “feel” of the grip - especially regarding how easy or difficult it is to manipulate the slide-stop and magazine ejector, along with trigger-reach (I define this as a pistol’s “L.O.P.”) FYI

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GB guns is Graham Bates, not Gun Broker.

He is one of the two go to reviewers on YT that I use. Honest Outlaw is the other.

They are honest, and purchase their weapons, not use the T & E one the manufacturers send out.

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THX - Got confused, there.

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