Gavin Newsom swats down reporter's Second Amendment question

3 mass shootings in 3 days in the state with the strictest gun laws in the country.

Where and how do you begin to fix stupid?


Hey hey hey that’s the future veep of the US of A :upside_down_face:


Well apparently Baby Pelosi wants to ban all firearms in his state, go ahead, wall up your state and become a separate country.


" I just want to take away weapons of war that are illegal on the streets of California and should be illegal across the United States."

Nuff Said.



the state with the strictest gun laws in the country.

Since these 3 tragedies I haven’t commented on this as. Yes, I feel horrible for those affected by these senseless atrocities. But I am also angry that I, a law abiding citizen, am being seen as a moral equivalent of these shooters because I unabashedly support the 2md Amendment.

If gun control was the answer. No one would ever get shot in California. Just look at what was used.

:star: the first has been banned in the state for more than three decades. :star:

It just shows that criminals are going to criminal. I feel for everyone affected by this. But I am bracing for the storm that is inevitably coming. As well as the common sense gun controls about to be presented.

The hysterical rhetoric has already started, the Current Governor of California has already started whipping up the pro gun controller’s by saying The Second Amendment is a suicide pact and others calling the firearm(s) assault pistols.


Who’s he fool’n? He doesn’t give two flips about the 2A, or any of the other Amendments, or the US Constitution for that matter. His play acting about violence has nothing to do with the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution. It’s got everything to do with lawless people doing lawless things with guns and exposes the fact that he’s not doing his job, which is to faithfully preserve, protect and defend the US Constitution and the Constitution and laws of the state that elected him to be Governor.

The problem today is, too many politicians feel that if they can get elected, that is, get on the people’s payroll, then they will do everything in their power (which is limited power and not absolute power) to be faithful only to the laws that they signed into law. Being faithful to the laws already on the books that doesn’t bear their signature, they don’t like’em, so they’ll change them and then write a book about it and get paid again. Otherwise, their rhetoric fumes with empty emotion made to appear genuine, but that’s for the camera’s, it’s theater and stagecraft, it incites people who are asleep or steeped in oblivion, but does not demonstrate being smart, wise, or prudent; and their performances are exposés of their ineptitude to perform as a governor or their ability to focus rightly on the task at hand. “Like the child that can’t read will strike out at the teacher to hide the fact that they can’t read.” Same thing here. Emotional tirades do not translate to nor communicate true passion or an ability to lead. It’s called pandering to the camera or the media. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it. True leaders don’t have to try to force people to believe them by controlling the narrative. That’s called: CONTROL.

One other thing it exposes is the fact that he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing, faithful to no one but himself, but most certainly not country and for sure, not state. He’s demonstrated that he is NOT one to be trusted, because he took an oath to uphold what was there when he took that oath. If he’ll lie when he took that oath, what can make him believable? And that goes for anyone seeking or occupying public office.


Newsome couldn’t manage a Walmart let alone an entire state, maybe a DMV, maybe. Suicide pact? He is committing Genocide.

New Gun law;
You kill someone, we will kill you back.
No waiting on death row Jack, we’ll have an express lane!
(Ron White)


Fat Albert is 2A all the way.:+1::+1: