28th Amendment Dealing with Guns

Gavin Newsom wants 28th Amendment for guns in U.S. Constitution - POLITICO

California Governor Newsome is kicking off an effort to propose a 28th Amendment dealing with guns, funded in part by money left over from his run for Governor.
Specifically, he wants to raise the age requirement to 21; mandate universal background checks; institute a “reasonable” waiting period for all gun purchases and ban assault rifles nationally.

It would require 34 states to trigger a Constitutional convention. Consider that there are 20 states with Democrat majorities that would likely support the measure leaving only 14 more to express interest.


There are also 26 states with constitutional carry laws. Be interesting to see this would go.


It will go nowhere. Just another political stunt to get reelected. Just like reparations, it’s going nowhere. :sob:


Glad to see he’s doing this. It simply puts him farther away from the majority of Americans giving him even less of a chance to be elected. One thing I learned in the last few elections, Left or Right, Americans do not want to give up there right to keep and bare arms. Some want it to look different than it does right now but very few want it to go completely away.


I’m not interested in “seeing how this goes”! I’m not exactly a betting man, but my money is on a burning of the constitution if it doesn’t pass!

They just indicted a former president.
We’ve officially entered the Twilight Zone and just became a third world country!


The Banana Republic of America. Charge and jail your political opponents. Have the former President arrested, just like they do in countries South of here.


My god I wish they would stop the nonsense. I JUST WANT LOWER PRICES ON AMMO!!!


He’s basically admitted that everything he wants is unconstitutional.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t need an amendment.


I completely agree. This proposal proves that even the anti self defense folks know that all their efforts to disarm Americans are illegal and unconstitutional. The only way to legally deny US citizens the right to keep and bear arms suitable for self defense and defense of the nation is to amend the constitution.

The constitution grants the right to pass amendments. It does not grant the right for politicians in the federal, state and local governments and their armed agents to deny constitutional rights on a daily basis. Those that do should be punished for violating our rights. Newsome has just admitted that he has been actively and knowingly violating the rights of millions of Americans.

Also, from his proposed amendment:

“Barring civilian purchase of assault weapons that serve no other purpose than to kill as many people as possible in a short amount of time”

Since semi auto rifles are not assault weapons and even AR style semi auto rifles serve many purposes other than “to kill as many people as possible in a short amount of time” they must all be exempt from this amendment even in the incredibly unlikely event that it was to pass and be ratified.


There are also, I believe, another 2 or 3 states in the process of passing Constitutional Carry laws. I F all of them pass that will make almost 30 states. I wonder how much that will push the remaining states to pass the legislation faster?


Yesterday was not fast enough!


No argument from me

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Nuisense is just blovating to the press
He doesn’t give a rat about getting anything done
he is just taking cues from Aunt Nancy and the dims
telling him ,grooming him on what to say.
same w/ reparations he ran that train till it ran
out of track and sh–bird moved on. He had no intention
in following through just like the rest of them.
They are just trying to keep people in FEAR and OFF BALANCE.