Gas Station Robbery Ends With Both Robber and Victim Shot Dead by Same Gun

I came across this article…
Sad story, friends.

“Ya’ll be careful now, ya hear!”

That’s just sad. I will not argue that the victim did the wrong thing. I know someone here who was robbed and shot after giving the robbers his wallet. He then drew and shot one of the robbers. The robbers, all but one juveniles, were caught and the one shot survived. The guy I knew died. He and his newlywed wife had just returned home from their honeymoon and were taking a walk in their neighborhood.

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That is a sad story as well. I said a prayer for your friend’s family.

I’m like you… I can’t argue what they did was wrong. In that situation, who knows what might come to one’s mind!

Imagine that is their paycheck, not to mention all they have to pay bills… I mean a lot would come to my mind.

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