FYI the new Gray Man book "Burner" releases Feb. 21

Great series!
Can’t wait! :sunglasses:

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Is that the Author or title of the books?

Author is Mark Greaney. It will be his 12th book in the Gray Man series.

Cool. Will check it out.

Est. reading time: 4 minutes

Must be a pretty short story :face_with_peeking_eye:


This guy co-wrote some of Tom Clancy’s last novels. I like Greaney’s writing better. I read all of them in sequence, but pick up any of them out of order and try it. You will be hooked!

I gave up on reading Tom Clancy novels.Tom Clancy had/has a big military following, so he gets access to alot of exposure for military equipment. Which he turns into 200-300 pages of description of how and what that piece of equipment is. If I wanted descriptions of and operating instructions I would read the instruction manual.

Tom Clancy died some years ago. His early stuff was good. The newer stuff, not so much.

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I Agree Clancy’s earlier stuff was much better. The fact that Greaney contributed to Clancy’s last two novels does not diminish the Gray man series in the least. Eleven novels in, and I’m still salivating for the upcoming Gray man!

Feb 21st FINALLY! :nerd_face: