Furniture Designed to Conceal Firearms

I did a cursory search and could not find anything regarding this. My wife and I are looking for nice furniture designed to hide firearms. I have seen the bookshelves and fake vents, however they do not necessarily fit our decor. This stems from the remake of “Death Wish” with Bruce Willis. My wife likes the idea of a coffee table that you hit a hidden button and a firearm swings out from a hidden door. Just wondering, what manufacturers have furniture like this, and does anyone else have any of these items, and how do they like them? Also looking for ideas a bit more creative than putting a handgun in a drawer. We no longer have children in the house.


Just look on the Inter Net. Cabinets also china cabinets, fire place mantels, stero speakers, coffee tables, pictures and even flags to hang on the wall


My gun safe is in a closet that I made a false wall where the door is. So, the whole wall hides the fact there is a closet there. I have my little gun safe in an end table that I took the drawer out and made a fake side panel that doesn’t look like a drawer.


Try this



there’s a lot of choice these days. I’ve used something like this:

but as far as furniture, you might google it or check out sites like this:

There’s lot’s of options out there depending on what you’re looking for. Or you can reach out locally to a custom furniture builder and see what they can make for you.


Thank you, had not considered etsy @Joseph_1970 ! @todd30 my issue is this, I cannot do carpentry very well! I can paint, I can turn a wrench and tune an old school engine by sound or soldier, but carpentry turns out horribly! I can hang curtain rods though, repurposing things may be the best way @FunCycle . I am very open to ideas.

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Find a local cabinet maker, I bet they could come up with something perfect for you.


Coffee Table would be an easy project


Few ideas:

A_20200909_02 A_20200909_03



Now my wife is reviewing…

Go to a local gun show, there is usually a cabinet/furniture maker or two that will build a piece of furniture to order and they know at a gun show what you need hidden :smiley:

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Here are a list of websites but many are really expensive. Finding a local carpenter may be cheaper or it may not be.