Full time RVing

Is I going to be hared to keep up with the law as to where , when and how I can Concealed carry In each and every sate we go through as we RV?

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@Ronald23, I have an app on my smart phone called CONCEALED CARRY. It is a free app. And it will give you all of the gun laws for all 50 states. And it also tells you is your CCW is honored in the state. And what type of carry is also allowed as well. And what places you can or cannot carry a firearm. you can find it on Google Play or the I store. And I’ve used it several times to find out info for other people as well.


Could you please paste image within Icon from this app?
There’s over 10 different apps with CC name and I’d like to get the suggested one.


I don’t know if there is a world of difference between another application and the USCCA’s … but I do know there is a concealed carry map program integrated into the USCCA application on Google Play. If you’ll type USCCA on the search function in the Play Store, the USCCA shield will be at the top of the application page with “USCCA Concealed Carry App: CCW, Guns, Self-Defense” as it’s title. Once it’s on your Android device you can find it in the App’s list by that shield in blue.


I agree. I used the USCCA app every time I travel to check state laws. The first thing I would do is map out your travel path and, if carrying is important to you, try to avoid those states where your CCL is not honored. If you cannot avoid those states, follow the federal regulations for transporting a firearm through those states. Here’s a link to information on the federal law, https://www.usconcealedcarry.com/resources/federal-ccw-law/federal-firearms-transportation-laws/.
In each state you are going to carry you also need to keep in mind their laws regarding possession certain types of firearms, ammunition and magazines. For instance, in NJ it is legal to purchase and transport hollow point ammo from the store to your home but no where else. Some states ban the transportation or possession of “high capacity” magazines in the state.
Always remember to do your research before crossing a state line. All persons are presumed to know the law and ignorance of the law is not a defense. Here is a link the the USCCA Reciprocity Map and will also get you to summaries of each state’s laws. https://www.usconcealedcarry.com/resources/ccw_reciprocity_map/


Thx guys :ok_hand:


I’m not able to cut and paste the icon. But it has a picture of a black pistol in a black circle on a white square and says concealed carry. And it says “Concealed Carry Laws”. In Google Play if you do a search for concealed carry laws it is the first one on the list. And it says CONCEALED CARRY WEAPON. And right under it is the USCCA Concealed Carry app. I hope that this helps.


Also, on the android you can add any site you are viewing in the chrome browser as an icon…

When there are pages I want to use a lot that dont have apps, that’s what I do.