Friday Favorite: Giveaways

Certain membership organizations give away a bag when you join, others give away headphones or training supplies. The local car dealerships give away sports tickets with a test drive - or a donation to a local charity. The USCCA has been known to give bonus packages when you sign up. :innocent:


What’s the best giveaway you’ve ever gotten? What business-smart* giveaway would be awesome and get you to join an organization?

*Business-smart meaning that a car dealer can’t give away a new car with every test drive, so what could they feasibly give away that you would love to have?

BTW - If you’re a USCCA Member, don’t forget about our referral program where you can get free stuff too! If you’ve got ideas for that, drop them below too and I’ll share with the people in charge of those choices! :slight_smile:


Let me start by saying I actually really, really love the range bag I got from USCCA. It’s huge and holds/organizes so much stuff. Only other organizational giveaways I can recall getting are T-Shirts and/or stickers. For some ideas: I like shirts, hats, totes, maybe even “Challenge coins” (which I’ve only recently started collecting - lots of fun!).


I just got a CHALLENGE COIN from NAGR for being a long time FRONT LINE DEFENDER. And it just showed up in the mail unexpected. I also have one from USCCA as well. I also sometimes get t-shirts sent to me as well for being a member of some of the groups I belong to as well. I love them all and anything that I get unexpectedly.


I keep prompting friends and family to join USCCA. So far I have received one referral. I keep on the others every time i see them and they are armed.


I like this one. They are fun to collect.