Freeze dried American beef

thinkin we could used a section on American made products???

anyways in case you of such a mind… here ya go…

freeze dried beef…

Product Fact Sheet:

Ingredient: Beef
Cooked: Sous Vide
Adult Servings Per Bag: 12
Shelf-Life: 10-25 Years
All-American Beef: Yes
Lab-Grown Meat: Nope
mRNA Jabs: Never

High-Quality Cooked and Freeze-Dried Beef for Long-Term Storage… Or Not
Eat well today AND eat well tomorrow.

Americans want great food today, but we also want to have great food to eat if things go south in a hurry. But unlike most companies that take the cheapest, worst parts of the cow, turn them into “beef crumbles,” and freeze dry them in hopes that their customers will never actually try to eat it, our premium beef cubes are sous vide, freeze-dried, and ready to be eat today or in a decade. We WANT you to eat our beef now so you can buy more!

“Whole Cows,” a brand by Prepper All Naturals, is veteran-owned and dedicated to serving Americans with everything we’ve got. We truly want to feed this nation now and in the future because we see the writing on the wall. The powers-that-be want us eating lab-grown meat, bugs, or worse.

With beef prices already high and expected to skyrocket before the end of the year, it behooves Americans to stock up on shelf-stable premium beef from Prepper All Naturals.

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I was talking to my uncle, 89 years young, how they kept meat when he was young. He said after killing the hog or beef, they would salt the shelves, cover the meat with salt and smoke it. Americans have lost too much knowledge of how to do and keep things to survive.


pretty much ya… thinkin much of that loss may be by design???

but also the neglect of the younger generations to learn things from their elders…

I’m as guilty of that at most of us… should have paid more attention…

and I have noticed my offsprings don’t seem to much care for any knowledge I try to impart…


Initially I don’t think it was by design. Having modern conveniences took a heavy burden off ppl back in the day. In our modern society, yeah I think there is a bunch of stuff left out to make the populace more resilient on gubment. Can’t control them otherwise.


hmmm… good point… people do tend to take the path of less work and easier life…


One of the things I like about YT. A lot of ppl are making videos of how ppl did things in the past that can still work today. A little more labor intensive but better than nothing when the defecation impacts the rotary weather enhancer


Years ago I had a conversation with a Cherokee medicine man. He made this point, We are only one or two generations from being hunters and gatherers, we’re not very good at that yet but we’ll get there.


Let’s remember that being a farmer prior to significant mechanization (100+ years ago) was a very hard life. It required 14-16 hours of work every day. Every day. No weekends off, no holidays, no birthdays or other days off; there is work that must be done every day.

On a well-managed farm, with several capable hands, Sundays might be “easy” days. Well, Sunday afternoons anyway. After getting up at first light (like every other day) to take care of the essential chores like caring for livestock, drawing water, hauling firewood, etc., then after dinner you might relax by doing some small things like maintaining harness leather, maintaining or repairing tools, mixing up feed, checking over and staging equipment and supplies for the next few days work. You know, easy stuff to while away the hours.

On the other hand, if you’re any good at farming you probably eat better than average, and more, too. Cash money will be hard to come by, but food is always a good item for barter. You might make a decent living, and even a decent life, but it is only accomplished by unending days of hard labor. Maybe not the best choice for some; might be perfect for others.


That only happens if you have enough to feed a crew large enough to stave off the predators in human skin suits and/or the starving mobs.

Farms are going to be huge targets. Personally, I’ve stored up enough to hopefully be able to hide/hold out long enough. The fact that this is a contingency I have to plan for saddens me greatly.


I understand the …tactical… aspects of the situation, which may well be insurmountable for a single farmstead no matter how well manned. My comments apply whether or not there are security issues.


isolated… many seem to be thinking they can run somewhere and hide…

thing is if you are out some where in a survival bunker/home…

just you and your family and maybe a couple of friends…

you are out numbered!!!

if the gov goes rogue they will do to you what they did in china and russia etc…

if groups of people are hungry enough and come at you… all bets are off…


The fact that we are having this type of conversation about the United States of America is depressing to me. I do have a group of people that if it ever gets to a societal break down we have a compound and enough to protect against most groups. But if it’s a small localized break down I should have enough for me and my immediate needs.

My biggest problem is that I just don’t like most people. I have a great skill set for an end of days type situation considering what I’ve done for a living both military and civilian. I’ve been prudent in stocking up. So in theory I would be a great addition. But other than my wife, and my daughter I just don’t care enough about most folks.

I guess that’s why I am with the group that I am a part of, we are all former military and have very similar beliefs, and life experiences.


The sad truth is, there isn’t enough land or space to support any where near the number of people we have today with subsistence farming and hunting/gathering. We simply need mechanized, modern farming for the vast number of people to survive. Add to that the need for modern medicine for so many people, and it makes clear the need nearly everyone has for society to work, and work correctly. We can’t F this up, as a country or as a world.

My take is, I can prep for a month without power or food, and do fine, which we do and are ready. Maybe even 3 months or a little more, but eventually, there won’t be the medicine my wife needs, we won’t be able to scrounge enough food, there will be no transpprtation (other than our bicycles), and after a while, it’s questionable whether or not it will be worth even trying to hold on. Without modern medicine, my wife will die. If Russia or China wants to launch a barrage of nukes and take out Western FL, I honestly hope I go quick in a brilliant flash. The alternative seems horrible.


I started to write a long response, but it got to be too depressing so, what he said^^^^^.


I guess you know why 65 was picked as the retirement age back when right. Most ppl didn’t live past age 65. Yes there were odd balls out there that got into their 80s. Most diseases we currently think nothing of were big time killers. Drink some bad water, eat some bad food and you were planted in the ground.

Not wishing any harm to your wife or you. I’ll pray for your wife tonight. Life is hard and we have it good in America. Sad thing is in my mind the liberals are pissing it away like we can never lose it.

Blessings to your wife and you sir.

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Thank you William. I do mean that.