Free Fallin'

Good news folks. Joe Biden did not hit his head. Bad news folks. Joe Biden is still the Commander-In-Chief. No worries though. The Democrats have a plan. Of that, I am sure. I sleep better at night knowing that Joe has control over his bowels.


You obviously missed the story of him having an “accident” while meeting with dignitaries in Japan I think it was.


You’ve got to be proud. :man_facepalming:t3:


At this point if we could just get someone in there that can walk and chew gum, separately, even, America might become prosperous again!

If there was ever a time to invoke the 25th it was yesterday!
I understand the trepidation of mindless mush mouth, but she can be impeached immediately for dereliction of duty on the border. She was personally assigned that task on day one, utter failure!

Then I guess, Jim Jordan becomes President!


It might come down to a janitor. :grinning:


Or the TOP SECRET Rug Cleaner that found Mini-me’s Cocaine, in the Library and it wasn’t Professor Plumb’s! (We may never find out who’s drugs they were… Oh my god! Really? 5,000 camera’s, Security up the wazoo, …nope not gonna happen.

and to TTJ’s: “Good news folks. Joe Biden did not hit his head, bad news folks Pudding Pants didn’t hit his head!”.
I’d say I wish he would go out gracefully, now I would be ecstatic if he would just go out.
Give him the whole (9) yards Presidential send-off! With his luck though the Horse would walk backwards and the boots in the stirrups would face correctly!


I would do it , but I am not real good at multi-tasking.:tired_face:


that’s cute Robert!
But you are also not a flippin’ IDIOT also!
Pssssssssssst! If they offer you the next ‘Pudding ship’ in the Big Chair…
don’t take the Job, It’s bad for your Health!

I’d settle for a test of if you could lead water downhill…

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