Fraud/Scam Web Sites


With ammo being scarce the temptation is to “try” a new web site that shows the ammunition is in stock. A search for information about the web site is important before proceeding with the purchase to avoid a scam. There are also “tells” that will flag a scam site.

  • They deal in bulk ammo.
  • The ammo is difficult if not impossible to find from the web sites you trust, but they have it.
  • The price is extremely low.
  • There is a “chat window” in the lower right corner. Occasionally someone asks if you need help.
  • They only take payment through a cash transfer (This was the tip-off for me.)
  • A search for reviews of the web site contains negative or scam comments.
  • They do not list an address or you cannot find the store in Google maps at the address given.
  • The web site has been recently added. You can find details of the web sight at
  • There are several web sites that have been created by a single organization. This is listed in

If you find any of these to true, run - don’t walk away. I found 34 such sites by doing some web research.

What does everyone think about USCCA adding a scam listing somewhere on their community page, so we help each other?

In the mean time I have turned over my findings to the FBI and they are investigating these web sites. I do not want to stymie their investigation at this time, but I will add the information in this USCCA Community once they have completed their investigation or them deem it a low priority and will not pursue it.



Thanks for the information brother @Richard298 and if I also run across some sights like this I will also advise the community. :+1::+1:


Already exists.
The only concern…it not easy to find.


Ok sooo where is it? Should I ask @Dawn ? Look my damn self? I’m at a loss here…how about a little hint?


Oh where oh where has the scam site gone? Oh where Oh where can it be?


Guys…sit and relax. I’m in work now with limited access to USCCA…

In the meantime…use “search” button… :wink:


Here you go.
That is the place we have been adding scams and suspicious firearm websites.

I’m hoping that @moderators will make that thread more accessible for us without using “search”.


Thanks @Jerzy

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