Foxden Solution-Long range day!

You know a little 120yards shooting at 8inch steel plates! Can you find the red steel plate? Hint blue car.


Ha! I recently took a long range shooting class from Vortex that had targets out to 1,000 yards. With my old man eyes, I spent considerable time beyond 500 yards with this exchange between the instructor and me …
“Tell me again, where is the target?”
“It’s the between the red squares.”
“But I can’t see any red squares”


My last time I saw my son, we went to my club to shoot. Scope on my M1a broke (darn Marines) so we spotted for each other, 10" steel at 300 yards using irons. I’m up, my son says “6 inches left”. I compensate, he says " 5 FEET left" …yeah, I’m aiming at a rock, or a bush…


Mattm SIR THAT WAS SO KOOL I WISH MY DADDY WOULD HAVE LIVED TO TAKE ME TO THE RANGE . You have special memories and memories that will always be special for you love Bobby Jean SIR THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE SIR LOVE YA SIR :owl::feather::feather::us::chile::blue_heart:

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