FORMER DISCUSSION; 22 December 2018: Former FBI Special Agent shoots inocent bystander while preforming backflip

Former FBI agent who accidentally shot a man while performing a backflip in a Denver bar has avoided jail after agreeing to a plea deal.*

Chase Bishop, 30, admitted third-degree assault and was sentenced to two years unsupervised probation.

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The statement added that Bishop was no longer employed by the FBI. This was a result of the incident?


…and got to keep his firearm while on or off duty.

Rules for thee, but not for me.


Does this mean another firearm handling rule will be created: When picking up your gun from the dance floor keep your finger off the trigger.

This guy was really a SPECIAL agent.


I don’t know how he had position. I mean, it’s probably against his states law being in the bar anyways. Its illegal here while in drink establishment or gov. buildings or in my city any building owned it says by Shreveport City Firearms must not exist on premises unless LEO on OFFICAL business not like the two chick officers buying Stamps in line at post office. Also the chick who was at library with child Officer you were commiting a felony offense!

Trust me, I like y’all there but you might not relies what your doing is a crime!


Perhaps an addendum to the basic rule…"…yes, even when on the dance floor".


Foolish move, all he had to do was keep his finger off the trigger. I enjoyed the statement " the gun went off,"


There’s just so much wrong with this story. Carrying a gun in a bar. Doing a backflip with aforementioned gun. Picking up the gun with fingers inside the trigger guard (the gun didn’t discharge by itself … it had help). But in the end I have to agree with @mattm . It is laughable to think that I would get the same legal treatment as this guy got. The most disturbing thing Is the disparate legal treatment he got.