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I don’t like beating a dead horse (or whatever this person identified as), but it’s upsetting to me that the Justice Dept. tried so hard to suppress this stuff. Is the country that polarized that the truth cannot be told? This individual was in a lot of pain - mentally. It would seem that there are many people in America who “can’t handle the truth.” They better get used to it. There’s a lot more coming down the pipe.


It seems that only images of the first couple pages were leaked. I’m still curious as to what is in the rest of this sick persons writings that is so incendiary that the documents are too dangerous to release? The only thing I see in this couple pages is that this shooter once again doesn’t fit the false narrative put forward by the anti self defense crowd that it is only right wing gun owners who commit these atrocities.

More often than not it is people with left leaning beliefs who turn into these active shooters. That shouldn’t surprise anyone since the vast majority of firearm owners are responsible folks who use their tools for legal purposes. It is the rabid anti self defense and anti firearm crowd and their news media cheer leaders who falsely glorify and idolize the power of firearms. This leads to pathetic sick people usually with no real firearm experience outside of movies and video games being encouraged to get their 15 minutes of fame and a false sense of power by committing these cowardly acts.


Within the washed-out prose of her manifesto, Hale made numerous alarming statements including: “Can’t believe I’m doing this, but I’m ready…I hope my victims aren’t.” Her hope for a high death toll is also clearly stated, a chilling sentiment that belies the depths of her malevolence.

Her ire seems particularly focused on kids who she perceives to be affluent, referencing children “going to fancy private schools with those fancy khakis + sports backpacks w/ their daddies mustangs + convertibles.”

Hale’s extended to a consistently embittered view of societal equity. Demonstrating her deep-seated anger, she wrote, “Wanna kill all you little crackers!!! Bunch of little faggots w/ your white privileges.”

Her cold-blooded precision when discussing the execution of her heinous plan is chilling, with Hale estimating the entire incident may last as little as 3-7 minutes, but no longer than 10. She stolidly wrote, “It might be 10 minutes tops. It might be 3-7. Its gunna go quick.”

This kid’s mind was Phucked…


This “mass shooting” disappeared from public consciousness too soon.

Did not fit corrupt media’s agenda.


Spoiled their Narrative!
Wasn’t an Old Fat White Guy
a Gun Nutt
a PTSD Vet

or a NRA/USCCA Monster!

Just a crazy chick who thought she was a he and said ‘Hey babe take a walk on the wild side!’
do da do dadada do da do da do dadadado da daa do dada da do…etc etc


Personally I think these events should get far less news coverage than they do. Far more people are dying and being harmed by far bigger problems that get little to no media coverage.

I also firmly believe this person’s name and face should have never been made public. These sick murderers do not deserve any recognition for their actions. That is the one thing they seem to want more than anything else and the news media is just giving it to them at full volume. Unless they are on the run and need to be found there is no need to give them any recognition. We should look at what happened and try to figure out why and how so we can recognize and take steps to prevent future events. But then these stories should go away.

Unfortunately they tend to feed into the anti self defense crowds anti firearm agenda so we get a deluge of coverage of these extremely rare events so they can convince everyone to be afraid enough to give up their ability to defend themselves. Fortunately for us that only seems to be working for a minority of their audience. The majority just get inspired to go out and buy another firearm to defend their families.

I suspect that the point you are getting at is that this story doesn’t fit the anti self defense agenda very well. So I agree it is hypocritical that the news media quickly slips stories like this under the rug as soon as they realize it doesn’t further their agenda. But I still think it would be better for everyone if these rare but sensational events were not given such as disproportional spotlight. It is a tragedy for the people involved but the chances of anyone watching the sensational news coverage actually being involved in an event like this are incredibly low.


I don’t think the news coverage is enough personally. But I don’t want any attribution, other than random f@$*"d in the head sicko_001. That is how their actions should be attributed. Nothing but mockery and scorn. I think we need to have meaningful conversations about how a sick f@'& is going to be a sick f@&$. That it’s not the gun, it’s the person behind the gun.


I agree we should be having that discussion. But from a self defense perspective everyone is far more likely to run into a regular run of the mill violent criminal and those stories get very little coverage especially on the national level. Not to mention the virtually zero coverage of people who successfully defend themselves every day.

But those stories should be sharing a proportional level of time with other concerning problems like the fact that about 250K people a year die in hospitals due to negligence and errors. I almost never see that story even though it is causing hundreds of unnecessary deaths daily. If people really cared about saving lives they’d be working to fix our broken health care system and other big issues instead of devoting so much time to unicorn events like these.

The wall to wall coverage of these mass murderer events pushes them to the top of everyone’s threat scale when in actuality threats not even on most peoples radar are incredibly more likely to harm us on any given day.


Assuming this was leaked by someone in a law enforcement/investigative capacity, one of the questions that should be asked is why that individual leaked the manifesto. Was that person paid by media to leak the manifesto? Did that person believe that s/he had some kind of public service duty to release the manifesto when the investigation was trying to prevent its release?


The Newtown CT mass killing awhile back, with Adam Lanza…same thing. I used to Google “Adam Lanza Hartford Courant” and an article would show up, pictures this kid drew in grammar school of him cutting classmates heads off. By second grade the teachers would not share his writing and drawings “show and tell” with his classmates. About 10 years later after being passed grade to grade, he murders 20 some odd little kids and a few teachers. Guns fault, Remington pays 80 some odd million dollars in a lawsuit just to be done with it, and voila’, we have an “assault weapons” ban.
Hartford Courant pretty inaccessible right now…but found this


This has a pretty thorough description of the sicko that shot up Parkland.

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I am not seeing it. She seems logical, meticulous, goal-oriented.
This is not a madwoman (and definitely not a madman), but a terrorist.


One can hope someone like you describe will leak Gislane Maxwell’s client list, and soon.


I know. Right? Maybe that’s why they didn’t want this s__t released. Lawsuits up the bootie. LMAO!


People (some) have been calling me a “CT” since I started posting on this forum,
and that’s OK. I have thick skin. People have been saying ‘This (what you write…’)
can’t happen and some things have happened. There is a concerted effort in this
administration to subvert the LAW! The LAW some of us have paid for defending with
our BLOOD.
This phucked up thing was a SLEEPER! It was outfitted, trained and set-up to be the
latest ‘Patsy’ for the purposes of DISTRACTION, DECEPTION and DISINFORMATION.
If you truly believe she (it started out a she and DIED a she) planned all this out, showed the
form she showed in the video and ATTACKED all on her own then she was a Natural
born WARRIOR and I buy that whole scenario about as much as Pudding Pants runs the whole
show now from his Beach house in Delaware.
Where is the drug test(s) results ?
What was in her system @ the time of the attack?
Where did she get the Hardware? The Money for said Hardware? MOMMY/DADDY ? Nope.
How did she KNOW to shoot through the locked doors, instead of trying another entrance
or running away when thwarted by those locked doors? This is TRADECRAFT Folks! Google it people.
How was this ‘manifesto’ covered up for so long?
It took a PATRIOT having the balls to leak the little bit they could get.
Who’s hiding the rest of it?
This isn’t some warped kid w/ an axe to grind. She was the latest OSWALD!
As tragic as it was this could have been truly awful if those Warrior Cops hesitated and flinched
at the sounds of all that Gun fire. But Thank God they didn’t. They Hard Charged and took her out!
They are Hero’s! and every Mother and father should know their names and give them a huge hug
their child, their husband, their mother, wife didn’t die because of their Bravery, HONOR, DUTY!
I’ve experienced this deception myself. Muslim’s who were ‘VETTED’ turned on us after YEARS of being the Lying, cheating, cowards they are and attacked us. Gained our trust and when their numbers were acceptable to them the tried to kill us all. They didn’t succeed. Beware of the big green weenie in the room, don’t downplay it or ignore it because it WILL BITE YOU IN THE ASS if you do.
We can’t expect our Mother’s, father’s and other family and friends to react as we wish them to because they only knew PEACE and NORMALCY…Mom, you have to pick up an Ar and defend yourself…
every fiber in their being will say NO! Run away. Dad’s who may have been to War will know the score, that’s different. It took YEARS for me to break through the barriers for my Wife to become a Warrior, or now my Sister to have the mindset that she has now to defend herself. Want a laugh My Brothers?, she still say’s stuff like ‘How do I shoot an Invader and not hit the new ‘Fridge?" In my ‘Zen-ist’ voice I say "I will buy you another Fridge’… Just STAY ALIVE! I say to her, Be alive to pick out another one.
I do NOT see conspiracies around every corner, but when ‘J6’er’s’ can be rotting in jail without due process and then recently these Animals can ‘Protest’ and smear Paint/blood on the marble of the WH and I don’t see a cop or water cannon there is something seriously wrong going on here…When college kids are protesting against Israel (who was attacked, children MURDERED, People beheaded, raped, slaughtered) and They are the Bad Guy’s something is seriously Phucked up in this world. Don’t fight back Israel, Submit! Let them kill you. Fat Phuckin’ chance Pal!
When OUR .gov say’s to it’s citizens ‘Don’t fight back!’ Give them what they want…Car, Wallets, purses, Lives… I SEE A PATTERN! A PATTERN OF EVIL!.
I can only do what every fiber in MY being say’s to me RESIST! DO NOT COMPLY! FIGHT BACK!.
I would rather Die on my feet than live on my knees!
Those aren’t catchy words from me. I don’t take this $hit lightly.
To use Military slang We are in the $hit and I have embraced the SUCK!
If nothing happens HA! well then I have ammo for life.
If the SHTF, I will defend my own till my last breath

Not just words or false bravado.

Where We Go One We Go All.




…AND THERE IT IS! (ya know I’m starting to like this kid)


Youre a good man, Mr. Don102. Blessings to you, brother.


Whoa whoa whoa Joseph, pump the brakes! We can’t let him know things like that! Shhhhh! :rofl:


In general I agree. But it’s also as you mention movies and video games controlled by the leftist media and a woke Disney. People saturated with fake news and fake beliefs who are unstable to begin with will easily succumb to these false narratives. This community is one of the very few places I trust. Although the factual content here is subject to opinion, the sincerity of most who post here is honest, respectful, and doesn’t seem to be A.I. generated. :sunglasses: :unamused: