Florida suspect brags about bail until informed about tough-on-crime sheriff

The laws against crime are the same in every FL county, the law enforcement makes a big difference.


They should do the nation a favor and just clone that Polk County Sheriff and deploy him across the United States.

I am willing to bet cold hard cash that his office doesn’t have a problem retaining or recruiting LEO candidates. Having a boss like him, is pretty.much the dream.


I live in Sooth Florida and I love when The Sherriff has his live streams.

The point of this entire story is that while these guys are out waiting for trial dates for previous run ins with the law. The slap on the wrist they have received so far doesn’t scare them enough to stop . The 14 year old since he has been out is linked to over 60+ more robberies and break-ins in Tampa and surrounding areas.

These guys don’t care and till the DA and the judges give these guys what’s coming to them and hold them accountable they will continue to do this, till either they kill someone or get killed themselves because people like us that carry are not taking this crap any longer. As I am writing this I just got an alert that a Land Rover was just stolen from a house less than a mile from my house. No mater where you live and how nice and safe you think you are it takes just seconds for reality to hit you right in the face.


Technically, it is possible to create a ChatGPT AI after the sheriff. Though the company will probably mind non-leftist use of their platform. Just imagine using this AI all over the country to create PSAs or answer reporters

  • Sheriff, why did your deputies shoot the suspects 136 times?
  • That’s all the bullets they had. If they had more bullets, they’d shoot them a lot more
    (real exchange)

He’s a great Sheriff, and very well loved by his community. I personally believe that the office of Sheriff is one of the most important elected positions in the country, and, often, it seems like our sheriffs, at least around here, are the only sane voices in government. They seem like the only ones taking their oaths to uphold the constitution seriously.