Florida Citizens allowed to Shoot Business Looters and Rioters?

Yes - If this bill passes …


Stuff defence, hmm. You mean, one will be allowed to stand their ground for material goods one created with their time, sweat and labor? You mean, no more flaming Target or broken Walmart windows, no more big screen TVs looted in protest, as cops stare idly?

Come on, never going to happen!


I would be nice if they had showed the wording of the proposed legislation… Oh, sorry, just noticed it is Faux News. :grinning:

In general, I am in favor of the law though. Looting is not protesting.


The ONLY thing I would like in this would be:

“Additionally the law would allow the state to withhold funds from local governments that cut police budgets.”


Agreed, plus it is a news article about FoxNews on MSN, so I have a “guarded” opinion of it’s authenticity as well.
I did not see any mention to this on:


Mike Glover did an interview where this was brought up and his answer was fantastic. The paraphrased version is business owners should be allowed to protect their livelihood but there’s a better way than standing in front holding firearms.

Board up the place and put notices on the boards stating the property will defended with deadly force. You stay inside and out of sight to avoid antagonizing a crowd. If they do not heed the warnings and chose on their own free will to enter then they have chosen to risk their safety and whatever consequences follow


I searched on NewsMax, OAN, and WSJ. I can find no mention of the legislation on those sites, either.

If someone is violently and unlawfully breaking into the room where you are staying lawfully, you need no new legislation to defend your life.
This legislation enables property owners to stand up for themselves if LE abdicates their duty or is otherwise unable to protect their property.


That’s what I call a “quid pro quo”! Dems gave clear message to kill, loot and burn. More power to Governor DeSantis and to the people. Some day GOOD GUY WINS BAD GUY LOSES!
Despite what some may think, we ARE living in a lawless society. Furthermore it’s not just your average looter, these are roving gangs that are of a superior force! IT IS NOT CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT. If there was some justice for all that just happened we wouldn’t be speaking like this.
Politicians EMPOWERING and ASSISTING in the killing of law enforcement, beating innocent people on the street and in restaurants, burning businesses to the ground, and making law enforcement STAND DOWN, STAND DOWN, that constitutes cruel and unusual punishment of innocent citizens of this nation.
So people have a problem with the private citizen standing up for themselves, their loved ones and their business! If the politicians get all the rioters to actually physically pay for all the losses, we may not be speaking of saving ourselves and our STUFF, some of that stuff represents a life time of work, or should I say BLOOD, SWEAT and TEARS!
Our country (and speaking as a vet) has been literally taken over by scum and people who think if they burn enough they can change my mind or the minds of politicians. If that is truly so, that’s called terrorism, and I have every right to STAND MY GROUND ON MY TURF!
They need to fear us. Personally I don’t think the legislation goes far enough.


I don’t know about far enough, or if this bill should be split into separate bills for blocking transportation, looting & vandalism, and mob harassment. Florida had been a legal precedent setter with concealed carry, and most of the country followed. If FL becomes a legal precedent setter for resisting mob and riot violence, that will make me happy. Even if it is a partial bill.


Was just re-reading the article. It states that DeSantis is drafting legislation, I think a good question would be do governors draft legislation or is that up to their state Senate and State House. Usually the Senate and House draft legislation and the governor just signs it into law. This looks a little odd to me, but I am not overly familiar with Florida laws.

An executive (governor, president) can draft legislation, but the Legislature (both state houses or Congress and Senate) has to pass it before the executive can sign it into law.


Yes, they do commonly draft or suggest legislation, but the legislative body must introduce it, sponsored by one or more of the legislators, then it goes through the normal legislative bill process. Anyone can draft a bill, even you, you would just need a legislator to sponsor and introduce it to the legislature.


I found another article about it. Basically DeSantis wants to expand the “stand your ground” laws. https://nypost.com/2020/11/11/florida-governor-drafts-laws-that-allow-people-to-shoot-looters/ Some kinda funny stuff in that article. One person said shooting someone for looting would be a lawless society… even though looting is, or should be, illegal. :wink:

Looks like someone else saw the article I linked to…


Sounds like a step in the right direction. A governor that is not abdicating to terrorists. Someone willing to allow citizens to protect their communities. No more cowering from corrupt Soros bought DAs.


I think Desantis is posturing to send the message looters nor rioters will be tolerated in Florida. It is a good message.

Very difficult to nip this BS in the bud if the management is accepting it.


I remember the Korean business owners who stood on the roofs of their businesses in 1992… protecting their livelihood, their businesses… with in some cases, lever action rifles.

While simply defending property is frowned upon and may get charges… in some cases, that property may be the life of the individual.


It was mentioned ;

Yet, I noticed they each reference a story in the Miami Herald. So, not sure … but I do think the third degree felony for blocking a road sounds good, as that creates a hazardous situation that impacts many people… and emergency response.


Absolutely especially when its a small family business. It’s not simply defending “stuff”. It’s defending your ability to feed and care for your family. I honestly don’t see a problem using whatever force someone is comfortable with to defend it. And the reason I feel this way is because it’s very simple to avoid this situation if it’s not yours leave it alone!!!


No, in some cases, Governors or the President, will draft legislation, to present through a member of the Legislature that they are working with on the bill to be introduced or to have the legislators edit and write the legislation as they see it should be.

It does happen, but I do not know if any bill ever came from an Executive office and was passed as provided from the Executive office.