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When I started my law enforcement career 41 years ago, my very first duty flashlight was an old 6D-cell Rayovac that had belonged to my grandfather. Though it served me well as a part-time deputy, I found it wasn’t quite up for the stresses of full-time police duty. My field training officer recommended the Maglite brand flashlight to me. I purchased a 6C-cell model, which served me well for a number of years. Though Maglite no longer has the 6C-cell available, there is the ML300L 4D LED Long Running flashlight.

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Had the old version, non LED, of this. One advantage over current small AA or AAA Flashlights is that it was as much a weapon as it was a flashlight. You hit someone with it, they knew they’d been hit. :grin:

It looks like a pretty nice light. The website has some good info as well.
The only thing I could not find was the manufacturing country of origin.

I have a few LED Maglites and they seem to have a parasitic draw on the batteries.
In the truck glove box after about 3-4 months I always have to put new batteries in.

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I found a 4-D Maglite at Goodwill for $6.00, cleaned out a little battery acid, purchased an LED bulb, a glass lens and a window breaker butt cap. Works great. :+1:

where did you find the bulb? I’ve been searching for a while.

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@Travis68 Welcome. I found every thing on Amazon. :us:

Don’t forget to try the manufacture directly. Try and stop feeding the beast.
We have not purchased anything from Amazon since December of 2020.

You’ll pay a bit more and wait a few extra days but …

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