Firing shotgun shells from a handgun?


This definitely sounds like an interesting gun to shoot! Has anyone shot this one - with shotgun shells?


I have shot a Judge with 410 shells. Makes a great snake gun, if you needed something like that.


I’ve never really heard the term “snake gun” until recently. One of the nice things about Wisconsin is that we don’t have too many snakes. But now that I know what a snake gun is, I may have to get one as I have a huge fear of snakes.

And really, it gives me another reason to buy a gun. :slight_smile:

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You can use it on your mosquito population too :rofl: I’m guessing you need bird shot for that anyways.

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Taurus judge. Best trail revolver I’ve ever owned. As @45IPAC said. Awesome snack gun. 410 shells it’s like shooting a 45


You can also get a Raging Judge Magnum and shoot 454 Casull out of it.


As much fun as that sounds I hate snakes not life. Lol


WOW! That looks like fun!! Thanks for sharing the video, @BJP!


You can also get great shot shells in 45 Colt, and .357 magnum. Again, a 45 revolver or .357 mag with shotshells makes great snake defense.


Found this today:

Several other calibers an the shelf as well.


I have used Shotshell before for critters. The range on shotshell is not that great. I have patterned it at the club using the pattern paper we have for trap shooting.

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I’ve heard that shotshells may not cycle semiautomatic pistols. I can’t confirm that, just what I’ve heard. Of course, it could be a good excuse to buy a revolver in a pistol cartridge.

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@45IPAC, that is the truth with the CCI stuff my wife’s step-dad used for snakes.


Correct. The shotshell has problems cycling semi autos. Works in my Sears and Roebuck (Marlin) bolt action 22 just fine though.


Looking forward to firing the 38 Special shells before the convention this week, the polymer Judge is dandy but heavy, hopefully the 38 revolver will do the trick with the shot shell. One snakebite could bankrupt a person + I don’t need any more health issues :v:

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This may take away my need to buy another gun :frowning: LOL!

Let me know how they shoot, @Zee!