Firearms Registration

I’ve never thought much about the subject because it has been the way it is in Michigan for about as long as I can remember. Mindset being unless you are the kind of person that should worry about it, you have nothing to worry about.

I’m beginning to wonder, which states do not mandate/legislate firearms registration?

Would it be beneficial to membership if USCCA provided information on state mandated firearm registrations next to information on constitutional carry?

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No registration in Florida


I personally don’t own any firearms… but I heard from other people there is no registration here in Texas.


We don’t require registration, per se. But I’d wager that if someone in my neighborhood shot off a bunch of 5.56 into the air, some investor could quickly get a list of residents who have legally purchased a 5.56 firearm.


Ahem… * cough * cough * :wink: We do provide it:

You can find that information and MUCH more for Michigan here:

For all state:


I even looked before I hit enter, and I still missed it!!!
I may have just figured out why my wife gets upset when I ask where the milk is…


LOL! Our reciprocity map has SO MUCH information it’s easy to miss, @Greg35! The way I usually look for info is to go to the state in question, hit control/command F (for find) on my computer, and then enter the word I’m looking for. Try using key words like vehicle, registration, duty to inform, parking lot - depending on what you’re looking for. That way I find what I’m looking for the fastest as well.

It’s an amazing resource and it’s constantly updated!


We have handgun registration in Michigan?

Man I’ve just been burning those police copies…

(Get an Arizona nonresident CPL. You will thank me later…)

I was looking at that ‘caveat’ in the legislation.
Any idea of the background or reasoning for why it is there?

It this information accessible on the mobile app? Would be great to easily access while traveling.

Not all states register pistols. If someone from a state that doesn’t register pistols was visiting here they would be subject to the $250 Civil Infraction. Same if they moved here from one of those States. The law was amended in, i believe the 70s, to update language, and again in 2005 (I’m not 100% on the dates here) to shorten the language of the statute.
Attorney General Opinion #7304 supports Michigan residents using this as an exemption as it is within the letter of the law.

I’ve been reading. Very intresting.
Have you had experience with what happens if/when an officer checks you out and finds that your sidearm is not in the database, or isnt familiar with the exception?

But you will still ask………

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Personally I do not. I have a few second hand accounts. I have copies of the relevant MCLs and the AG opinion in my glove box. It’s not a guarantee that LEO won’t try to do anything, but that’s why I’m also a paying member of MOC.

Of course!!!