Fire Department

My husband and I live in an apartment on a commercial property. Yesterday I entered my apartment and it was full of white smoke. I quickly checked that nothing was on the stove and looked for flames. Nothing. Within seconds my husband was there and was checking everything out while I got the dog and headed out the door while calling 911.

The fire department came and looked and checked with their heat meter and found nothing. The hubby checked the voltage later and all was fine. We didn’t know what it was but the fridge died over night so we are assuming it was a burning belt.

The firemen left and kinda gave me looks like " I know your secret ". After I thought about it I am sure that our firearms on the magnets that are on the sides of the furniture and behind the doors were noticed since they checked all the outlets.

If the police needed to come in I would have thought to tell them but I didn’t with the FD. Should I have told them? I’m not worried about exploding ammo but should I have given them a heads up what’s around the apartment?


I would say yes just out of courtesy, they may have asked you to gather them in one spot and or unload them.
I was on an all volunteer FD, (many years ago) and during several house fires we were asked to retrieve fire arms if we could and many were loaded. :+1:


Having spent over 3 decades as a fulltime FF, I can tell you that info about potential hazards is always welcome. I’ve been in fires with un-chambered ammo going off, it does get your attention.


Great question!.. Didn’t the police show up as well?

I’ll add a question (or two)… What if you called an ambulance for someone, e.g. shortness of breath or other medical condition? Same question, but if/when the police show up first (usually they have a faster response time for medical related 911 calls).


Thank you for your responses, you’re right, I should have out of courtesy. Our place might be “flagged” so if there’s a next time they’ll know, but I will tell them.

No, the police didn’t show up at all. 3 firefighters on the truck and a chief in his truck.

Yes, for whatever reason if the police would have showed up first I would have let them know that there are firearms in the apartment and, having a CCW permit, I have one on myself. I should have mentioned it to them as well.


As a former firefighter (I’m going to date myself here. I still have my leather New Yorker.) I would say yes, tell them about the guns and ammunition. As Capt T indicated , cooking off rounds can be a rather unpleasant surprise. :slight_smile:


Solely my opinion! Your firearms are none of their business.