Fight back stats

You’re better off fighting bac than playing the victim


Can’t watch the video at the moment but have read in the past that the odds slightly to moderately favor victims who fight back depending on the data set.

But every situation is different. Fighting back in some situations will increase the odds while other situations compliance may be a significantly better bet. For instance, when a criminal is already pointing a firearm at you from outside of arms reach. In that case compliance may be the best bet unless your gut is telling you they are just going to shoot you no matter what you do.

Each situation needs to be analyzed individually. Using the best response for the average situation may not work so well if your situation is not average.


There is another aspect of this. If a criminal generally expects a submissive victim, he or she will be bold. If a criminal generally expects a fight from the victim, expects to receive an injury up to fatal level, he or she will be reluctant.
What do they teach on the national level? What signal are they sending, indicting people who attempt to defend their lives? What signal are they sending amplifying voices of certain professional “victims”?



And to borrow from ASP, whatever you do, do 100%. If you’re going to comply, comply. If you’re going to fight, -ing fight (as necessary/justified)

You can do the first while you wait your turn to do the second as well.


This talking about actual incidents where ppl were attacked and fought back. If you follow ASP any, John says the same thing. People who fight back in general are hurt less often. Even if you completely surrender, the thug will still harm you in some way 25% of the time according to the video and ASP.

Make of it what you want.


I follow Tom Grieve & USCCA on YouTube. It helps me keep my head in the game!

I saw this clip the other day and made a comment:

Not being a mind reader I have to rely on training and instinct. Once the situation gets to condition red, full on self defense is a go. I don’t even want to delay by having to consider less than lethal options. Stop the threat!

I agree with @Nathan57 and believe you should evaluate and pick your lane as the situation develops.


I am in complete agreement, and this should be a PSA on multiple TV channels. Fight back as a victim, and you have better chance of survival. Fight back as society, and you will have less crime.

“If violent crime is to be curbed, it is only the intended victim who can do it. The felon does not fear the police, and he fears neither judge nor jury. Therefore what he must be taught to fear is his victim.” (Jeff Cooper)


I think this is true to a certain extent perhaps for most criminals. But some criminals who are brazen or desperate may just decide to act more aggressively if they feel their victim could pose a threat. Like the construction guy I work with whose first notice last week that he was being robbed was getting his jaw broken by a thief swinging a blunt object. Suspect the criminal didn’t want to give him a chance to react by asking him for his wallet first.


Be armed, be polite, be trained, be safe!


True and at the same time some are just plain mean and don’t give a duck what they do nor to whom. They will be violent not matter what. Ol’ Smokey needs to be renovated and returned to service.


You planning on burning them at the stake, now? Or did you mean Ol’ Sparky? :sunglasses:

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Either one, with the current food supply problems soilent green is looking good to have on the market shelves.

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