Feels like starting over

I cannot really say when I fired my first hand gun. Believe it or not in may have been an old Colt 1903 in .32. It belonged to my uncle and was prone to jamming every now and then. But as I got older i started shooting other weapons and like many started up the ladder with the 22 LR revolvers. They were easy to shoot and ammo was easy to buy. By the time I could put almost a box of ammo into the 9 and ten ring of a standard NRA bullseye target I started thinking about bigger caliber weapons. I signed up to take classes with the Local College shooting with the local Police Departments. 3 time a week shooting Colt Police and Trooper revolvers or S&W M&P or Combat masterpieces. After that point it was a race to get to the next “Best” round to fit in a hand gun. In Revolvers it was a bunch or 45 colts, 357s, 44 mags. and lastly the switch to pistols in 380, 9mm, 45 acp, and the flavor of the month till the money ran out.

For me the accuracy of the 22 LR was never challenged. I could come close with practice with the 38 S&W and even the 45colt. None of the semi autos were as consistent from week to week. I think I never thought about it much because there was no problem getting enough ammo to go to the range or wherever you went. But today it seems as if I need range time the trusty 22lr has come back to the game. They even make some fine pistols that are about the same size as our EDCs with the bonus of they are coming back in stock at my online vendors and some big box stores. As I sit here looking at a new Walther P22Q and see the features they have added to the “beginners gun” so many of us have started with. May have to head to the range and spend some quality time catching up with an old friend.


I can relate with your feelings. My wife and I sometimes have to play rock, paper, scissors to see who going to shoot our 22lr handgun.
The accuracy of it is outstanding and you can go through rounds like you are running a chainsaw.
The fun/enjoyment of practicing with it is beyond words.
Keep going at it and remember, we all never stop learning.