Feedback on Hornady Vehicle Rapid Safe

I have the misfortune of regular doctor visits and visits to other gun-free zones. My car has subwoofers under the front seats, so there’s no space for a Nano or Micro Vault type safe. I have yet to see a console safe for it probably because the console is too small. I currently have at least one Nano Vault back at the hatchback (under a “tonneau cover”), but shifting the gun from pocket/holster to safe while standing out in the open is less than ideal.

The Hornady Vehicle Rapid Safe (the one with the pump-up bladder) caught my eye recently, but it’s fairly expensive, so I’m a bit cautious. I’d love to hear from present and past users about the good and bad of the system.

  • Are there similar safes that are alternative to it? (one that would fit in the same space at the console)
  • Do you still use it? (Why or why not?)
  • What problems (if any) did you experience?
  • How visible is it from the outside?
  • Which side of the console did you install it?
  • Do you also have a Rapid Safe in the house?

Thanks for any advice you can give me!

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The real issue with designs like that is the leash cable can be defeated fairly quickly and easily.
Don’t know what type of vehicle you have, but have you considered a console safe?

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Like I said, I have yet to find a console safe for my older CRV - The Console is pretty small, so an insert is unlikely and it’s old enough that I doubt I’ll find a replacement safe.

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CRV is tough to find anything. Good luck.

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brother i know your pain. i have been searching for a center console safe for my GMC Terrain with no luck. seen a few for other GMC SUV’s but not mine.


Here’s a possible work-around …

  1. Get a decent sized firearm safe for your trunk (or wherever) that is properly secured to the vehicle
  2. Get a small bag or pouch to put in your console… I suggest something NOT “tacticool” looking.
  3. When you need to lock your firearm up, you can take the firearm and holster and put it in the bag/pouch while still seated in your car

Now you can get out of your car to put the bag/pouch into your safe.