Federal Ammunition Introduces New 22 LR Punch Personal Defense

Federal Ammunition Introduces New 22 LR Punch Personal Defense (ammoland.com)


Bravo! I think this is a great idea. It gives shooters who are of slight physique or perhaps older another self-defense option, and options are good. The .22 caliber is easy on the hands and wrists, and a lot less expensive to practice with.

Personally, I wouldn’t rely on a .22 LR for self-defense, simply because they don’t feed as reliably as centerfire cartridges do. If/when I reach that time in my life where I transition to a .22, I’ll probably just stick with the good old 40 grain rounds. Once they get tumbling & bouncing around, they’ll do the trick as well.

Kudos to Federal for offering this. It fills a niche market nicely.

It’s nice that Federal announced this new product offering. Too bad they didn’t produce enough to get it in the public realm where it could be tested and potentially loaded for protective use in those mouse guns.

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This was available momentarily on Federalpremium.com earlier today.

Tried it out but only on paper targets, not yet on an object like gel, or material. One aspect I liked about it, was that similar to CCI brand copper plated 22LR rounds, the Federal Punch casings didn’t get stuck in my revolver’s cylinder, but was a “clean burning” round per se.

I have 150rds ordered. Want to try to see if it will be effective in my mom’s Beretta 21A Bobcat versus other selections. At 83, that’s what she can handle.

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Neat, looking forward to your outcomes Sir William. I’m trying to see if I prefer the Federal Punch over my favorite CCI brand. Thank you.