FBI whistle blower is suspended for not breaking the law

His name is Kyle Seraphin. They needed something to suspend him for because he (And over 30 others) blew the whistle on FBI activities. The video tells the whole story of what they chose to suspend him on. And YES, it’s gun rights related.



The agent did absolutely nothing wrong IMHO and he was very professional. The FBI is just upset because one of theirs stuck up for his 2A rights. He has everything going for him and should pursue a law suit against his former agency/employer for wrongful termination.


It is nice to see that some agents still want to do the right thing and are the good guy’s


I would encourage everyone to follow this man’s life after being forced out of the FBI. He is on Truth Social and Twitter @kyleseraphin

You can also find his videocasts on Youtube.

He is a good man, and was a good agent, as are others.

He is a strong proponent of the Constitution, and you will see that in his very informative videos.


Maybe I’m more cynical, but can you spell RENDITION? Not that the FBI would EVER do such a thing, but trust is totally out the window! Our current DOJ is off the rails! Good people are disappearing everyday!


Interesting video conversations, so with a public school close by, businesses, neighborhoods, and adjacent to public land, then whoever is in charge of that public land, even though WE THE PEOPLE own it, whether it’s city, county, BLM, state land, SOMEONE whoever over sees this piece of PUBLIC LAND needs to POST some kind of signage of no shooting, hunting etc… AND make it a “GUN FREE ZONE” PERIOD. This area is too close to population to be a WILD WEST SHOOTING RANGE and YEAH a DUMPING GROUND for TRASH for those that are TOO LAZY TO GO PAY AT THE DUMP!! Regardless of the terrain, it’s too close for comfort. There’s many areas like this throughout NM, BUT NOT like this one in Las Cruces, NM. There is a shooting range whether it’s a little out of the way USE IT!! IN my area the outdoor shooting ranges ARE a little out of the way and are utilized by LEO AND THE PUBLIC BUT THEY ARE SAFE! One thing I DON’T AGREE is that the agent should not have been suspended. He should seek counsel and SUE the Public Lands Division and whomever else. Maybe someone will move to do something about the safe use of that public land near the school.

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