Conn. Veteren Business Man kicked out of Fair due to a shirt being sold with a gun on it!

This story burns me up


I think that THEIR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS were maybe violated. Because they were not breaking any laws that I’m aware of. The only thing was that it was again a liberal and their ANTI-GUN thinking. And yes having the booth near a school bus wasn’t maybe the best place for this booth. But again they weren’t doing anything wrong or illegal. AGAIN IT IS THE ANTI-GUN MENTALITY AND THE HATRED OF GUNS BY LAW ABIDING CITIZENS.


If I were he, I would definitely consider filing a civil suit for lost revenue and restraint of trade. Possibly civil rights violations as well.


Since this was a government actor, either the selectwoman or the fair president, there is definitely the possibility of pursuing a civil claim against Chester. They seem to have a handle on what the damages would be and, even though the damages are not extremely high, if they prevail, they could also recover punitive damages and attorney’s fees along with sending a strong message.
Placement of the booth in the vicinity of the school bus falls on the city, not the vendor and they could have easily had hem move or move the bus to a different location.