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Remarks against Antifa prompt FBI seizure of former Marine’s weapons under Oregon’s ‘red flag’ law: reports


“If Antifa gets to the point where they start killing us, I’m going to kill them next," Kohfield told a crowd, according to the Oregonian. “I’d slaughter them, and I have a detailed plan on how I would wipe out Antifa.”

He was stupid. Clearly a case of his alligator mouth overriding his humming bird a$$.
Means, check,
Method, check
Plan, check.
Motivation, check




So it begins.

It wasn’t the smartest thing to say but we do have a first amendment also. Reading through the story he mentioned if Antifa started killing first he’d kill them back.

Those Antifa thugs are very protected by Oregon’s politicians and people are extremely frustrated especially in the Portland area. Again this wasn’t a smart thing to say but it doesn’t seem to be illegal and yet they confiscate his guns.

I’m going to assume at this point in Oregon and specifically Portland you no longer have a first, second or fourth amendment rights


Sheepdog is correct. In my opinion ANTFI is a domestic enemy which millions of us took an oath to defend against. I’m not gir whit supremacy or any of that crazy crap, but you can bet your best holster I’ll fight to defend our Constitution and our Republic…against all enemies. foreign and domestic…!


Well, we live in a time where you can be punished for a crime, but you can be punished more for it if you think the wrong kind of thoughts or say the wrong kind of things while you do it.

Not surprising this marine got trapped between that kind of thinking and his lack of discretion.

Sad it should happen.
Wish I could say I’m shocked but I’m not.


This is the exact reason I am against red flag laws. Our legal system is not setup to punish people for what the “might” or “could” do.

I think this is a very dangerous end run around our legal system and our rights. If someone is that dangerous, how is just taking their guns going to make society safe? They can get guns illegally, or use a car or truck to cause mass injuries.

I really think this is about gun control, not public safety. Anyone else noticed several recent arrests where they put photos of the madman’s ‘weapons cache’? And people are ‘shocked’ at the 5 rifles, 2 handguns, a shotgun or two, and ‘several hundred rounds of ammunition’…

They have thrown out the idea of ammo restriction, I mean, nobody needs 500 rounds of ammo. Nevermind that many training classes require 300 or 400 rounds per day. Plus, I bring a backup gun, sometimes in a different caliber.

This is a classic case (in my opinion) of if you give an inch, they will take a mile. I can go on, but the tin foil makes my head itch. :crazy_face:


Lots great points here by our group and I believe we agree with mostly that his big mouth got him in hot water while being emotionally charged.

In this instance not only did he make the threat, he was standing in front of the Mayor’s home Ted Wheeler who is also the police commissioner and allows Antifa to roam unchecked.

Further complicating is he’s bipolar was off his meds per his father who he lives with and a combat vet with PTSD, so although he hasn’t been charged he was also committed then released after 20 days and banned from participating in protests.

They’re having a field day with this making their point that red flags work.


The thing is, how do you prove it worked? Where is the due process? Does he now have to somehow prove he is not a danger to society? All other laws I know of, require the prosecutor to prove you guilty. How can you possibly defend against allegations of what you might do?

Everyone has the potential to break laws. Most of us don’t out of respect for our fellow citizens, and the realization we need laws to have a civilized society. Plus maybe a good fear of jail…

The potential for abuse of these ‘red flag laws’ are immense.

Now, this being said, I am all for the 1A, but the guy was in idiot. But, to me, red flag laws are clearly unconstitutional.


Time to go watch "Minority Report " again… one of the scariest movies I know. And if you’re looking for the complete set, add 1984, Animal Farm, and Farenheit 451.


It saddens me Sanctuary states run by liberal loonbags coddle terrorists like antifa. The intolerant left does not miss an opportunity to make an example of a law abiding firearm owner. This ex-Marine had the right to voice his opinion which emphasized he would defend himself in self defense, if attacked by antifa. Threatening self defense is not a terrorist act. Unlike antifa this ex-Marine was very clear that he was talking about responding to violence instigated by antifa, not instigating it himself. Nothing is done to protect law abiding citizens from the violence actually instigated by antifa routinely! Isn’t this is a good example of double standards by the left?


Brazil is another good one as well, case of mistaken identity in the beginning of the movie, the totalitarian bureaucratic government and satire of it and the over indulgence of those in positions of power and wealth

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Reminds me of the movie “Minority Report” starring Tom Cruise and directed by Steven Spielberg. It’s set in 2054 and the police department has a PreCrime unit. Physics evaluate your thoughts and if your thoughts are bad you’re arrested and charged with the crime you thought about. Sounds like a leftist utopia except Antifa members would be the first arrestees.

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Sadly the country is changing rapidly. Even in Texas where I am we are seeing the Governor taken steps with red flags, social media etc. I fear times are changing in the 2A world at a pace much more rapid than I ever expected. God help us!


@lonestarkw, glad you’re here. There’re other Texans here as well, I know many of the are in for the good fight on 2A rights.


I am constantly in the fight and 100%, but I fear we are having a big struggle. :weary:

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I try to tell myself this. Look how far outnumbered way left leaning politicians are and the fact that their constituents are unarmed. All we have to do is stand united and we win.

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All I can say is there is an old saying from WWII; Loose lips sink ships meaning** “beware of unguarded talk”.


Point taken!

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Sometimes it can be difficult to take part in these conversations without saying something that can be misconstrued by those not part of.


So it turns out almost none of what folks think happened here actually happened and, as ever, it’s generally worth doing a bit of digging past Fox’s synopsis. First, this has nothing at all with left wing politics — antifa no more represents the left than neo-nazis represent the right, and all of the legal action would have happened to anyone who did what this vet did.

Kohfield, a vet suffering from both bipolar disorder and PTSD, was put on a watch list back in April when he sent a 5-page message to Texas Rep. Crenshaw (R and a former SEAL) saying that Congress needed to take immediate steps to declare antifa a terrorist organization. Otherwise, he and other veterans would have no choice but to begin systematically killing antifa members “until we have achieved genocide,” and detailing how he would do it. Crenshaw called Capitol police who turned the message over the FBI who activated an investigation through the Joint Terrorism Task Force. When the FBI interviewed Kohfield’s father, with whom he lives, he reported that, “I can’t say that he won’t kill someone.”

It was only then, as Portland was gearing up for yet another potential confrontation between antifa and the Proud Boys, and after Kohfield called publicly for violence, that legal steps were taken, and it sounds like he acquiesced. He was mandated to the VA for five days, and volunteered to stay for another two weeks after that. He turned over his weapons under Oregon’s red flag laws (which does in fact include due process — he did not challenge the order); in his words, “The cops were great. They were respectful and compassionate.”

I know there are folks here who don’t like the idea of any limitations, but as someone who lives in the area, this seems about as red a flag as they come. Kohfield seems to have recognized it: “I looked unhinged. I looked dangerous and have the training to be dangerous.”

Oregon has both universal background checks and, as of 2017, red flag laws. In its first year, the red flag laws were activated mostly against potential suicides, many of whom report gratitude after the fact. It was also invoked against:

A Portland man who posed for photos with a semi-automatic rifle and had spoken openly about planning a school shooting.

A Beaverton veteran who threatened to gun down people at his church.

A Vale man who fired his .357 Magnum into the ceiling of his home, believing he was shooting at people in his attic who were poisoning him.

A man in Pendleton stopped by his sister from returning to work to shoot the boss who’d just fired him.

A number of female partners or spouses concerned for their own safety at the hands of their violent partners.

Oregon is also a really good place for law abiding carriers: “shall issue,” open carry, no limitations on weapons or magazines, lots of public land where you can shoot. Balancing keeping guns out of the hands of people who pose an imminent threat to themselves or others while protecting the rights of law abiding citizens is tough. But at least it’s worth having all the facts at hand while we decide.

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