Faith in mankind - A Good Deed

R and I went to a local burger drive in, one of the classics in Salt Lake City, for lunch today. We chose to sit inside because it’s near 100 deg today. While we were waiting for our burger a homeless guy walks in, ask for the manager and stood back while the little girls handed other people their orders. When the manager, an older lady, approached the counter the homeless guy stepped up and said “Mam I am homeless and I am hungry, I notice you have some weeds and trash around the patio. I’ll clean the patio for a burger and a drink”. She didn’t hesitate, she said “Sure, here’s a trash bag”. He walked out to the patio and started pulling weeds and picking up trash.
To me, that’s the way it works, he offered a service she needed and she offered compensation that he needed. Win Win.


Thank you for sharing this. That is geat what they both did.


See, capitalism in action. It works!

Much, much better than socialist dole-outs.


That’s the world we used to know and live in. It was normal, now it’s special!


Not exactly the true…
I lived in socialist country for over 35 years. Such situation like one decribed by @Mike164 happened all the time. People were helping each other without hesitation. I think it’s more about how people treat others in the community, regardless of political status.


…and that night, the homeless guy dumped the trash on the patio of the next food place down the road, and repeated his schtick the following day.
Now that’s an entrepreneur!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I like that man. Reminded me of when I went to a wedding in New Orleans, we gave our leftovers to a homeless man there.


That was the way I grew up also people didn’t beg,but offered some thing as a trade out


Nice. Yes, there are nice people in this world. Sometimes they turn up where you would never expect it.


I always try to help those who are trying to help themselves. This guy mowed my yard one day
Neighbor had hired him to do his yard. So I gave him a lawnmower and $100 asked him to come by in a couple weeks. Asked all my friends to give him a try
Then gave him some other tools.

All he needed was a bit of helppl

God has put a great many good Samaritan’s into my life especially when I desperately needed them


YEP,tha was the good ol times back then,before the BRAINWASHED MOD SQUAD started to come out of the wood works


Good for both people. I was brought up to not judge people. Sometimes bad luck happens to good people. Where I was raised people respected work and ethics a lot more than monetary wealth.


:laughing: Stop it.


You missed my point: big Government :man_shrugging:t4:

Perhaps I missed it… but it actually has nothing to the Government… it’s about the People, everyday live… Government doesn’t dictate if we help others or not…
Actually, the poorer Country, poorer People … the are more willing to help others… Unfortunately I’ve seen these differences for last decades… :expressionless:

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Yes, you missed my point.

Happy birthday! :balloon:

OK… I missed the point…
but I never miss my Birthday… and this is not today :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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Thank you anyway :metal:

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As it should be, people taking care of each other.

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