Range day, good deed day?

I was at the range today. Then on arrival home, I visited a neighbor who’s a senior living alone.

It seemed he mostly just wanted someone who would listen to him, someone to talk to. I think it made him feel better.

I mentioned that I was on my way to the store, and asked him if there was anything I could pick up for him. He showed me a near empty gallon of distilled water. He told me he could use some more water for his medical CPAP machine.

Another lady I know works as a security guard at a nearby business. I mentioned that I was headed to the store, and asked if I could pick anything up for her. She mentioned some cough drops and water. She must not have been feeling 100 percent.

On my return, “it was my treat.” It felt good.

With some of the terror we learn about from firearms existing, you and I know that on the flip side – lives are also saved from self-defense, by good people.

Our community has many who are good, hard working members.

You can make someone forget their worries that day.

What if on each day (or day after) that we go to the range, we each do a “good deed” for someone else?

An unconditional act of kindness, or helping someone less fortunate than you. Shoveling their snow, yielding to them in traffic on the road, with a smile. Letting someone move in front of you in line at the store.

What if that took flight /caught on nation-wide?


That was kind, especially if the area you live in is snowy.


What you described is how I grew up. That was normal, not special or required public service announcements on TV. You did a brave thing.
We loved our neighbors we helped strangers on the road.
Now something like assisting people you don’t know, could turn out to be an ambush!

These were daily activity as a kid. Now we have to remind people to be polite! That’s when you know society has crumbled!


I had repair manual for all the Ford Rangers i used to drive. Through it in my truck to see if I could find someone to give it to. Found a guy at the gas station. Young guy. Works in the trades. Walked up and gave it to him. He was so glad to get it. Said it would definitely get used. It made him so happy and it was so easy to do. Such a small thing made someone else’s life just a little better. Made me feel good.


Nice. One never knows, at that age, could also inspire him to go far in his career. Not to mention, how valuable - he otherwise would never have obtained those resource books.


I am thoroughly invested in RAK (Random Acts of Kindness).

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I am continually amazed at the reactions I get from “folks of color” when I hold a door open, say “Good morning Sir/Ma’am.” Common courtesy is no longer common and God help me this racial divide we are running under has removed all expectation of treating each other like just another human trying to get through.

On the other side “folks of no color” (usually with pink or green hair) give me crap for holding a door open to which I generally give them the 3rd finger salute while walking away.

I felt really good the other day, I was in downtown 2 gun country at a 7-11 because I had time to kill before my next appointment and the parking lot was pretty open. Nissan Sentra limping down the road pulls in. The young lady behind the wheel is distraught with a mostly flat tire, she had to be someplace, the air pump at the station was out of order. I pulled around and nuzzled the front of my truck up to her, the look in her eyes was pure fear. “Ma’am I have an air compressor in my truck can I help you?” The story came out that she was trying to get to the doctor’s office because her child had a nut allergy and somebody had given him and “Almond Joy”. The boy was not struggling but was certainly having an anaphylactic response. I keep Benadryl in my IFAK and gave her one. Pulled the drywall screw out of he tire and plugged the hole aired her up and by the time I was done the young lad was doing just fine. There is a lot more to the story to include the local denizen’s hanging outside the building making rude comments and dare I say threatening comments for me helping her. For all the nit pickers yes we considered EMS et al but between the OTC Benadryl and fixing the tire she was well ahead on $$ and it cost me next to nothing. The thugs on the corner certainly saw the strange lump on my right hip and kept their distance.

Sometimes being the sheep dog is somewhere between the wolf and the lamb.




Well done brother warrior. That was damn kind of you.