Fab Defense GL-Core AR-15 stock question

So, I find myself in the needs of some assitance.

I was at Bass Pro the other day and saw a GL-Core stock from Fab Defense. Thought it would make a nice upgrade to my AR so I bought it.

The description said that it had adapters so it would fit either a mil-spec or commercial buffer tube. The problem I ran into is that both inserts that came with it said “COM-L” and “COM-R”.

I have no clue what that means.

I’m figuring that “COM” is for commercial, in which case, what does the “L” and “R” stand for? Second, I would think that one of them should say “MIL” for mil-spec.

Or am I wrong?

Thing is, there were no instructions or any type of part list inside the box for me to figure out what was what. i did take it back and ask one of the guys behind the counter but he hadn’t had an experience with that brand and suggested that I just try both adapters and see which one works. 1) I shouldn’t have to do that and 2) with my luck, I’d get one of the stupid things stuck. The other thing that was making me wary is the fact that all the packages look liked like they’d been opened.

I have tried looking online but can’t find anything that tells me what to look for.

Anyway, that big huge novel boils down to this: Have any of you used, or had experience with, the Fab Defense stock to give me a hand? On a side note, those of you that have used this stock what do you think of it?


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I don’t have the answer, but it is likely you can find it on YouTube or the mfg’s web site.

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Tried both.

The youtube videos that I’ve been able to find just talk about the stock and/or how easy it is to install and only mentions the adapters. They don’t identify them.

As for the mfg site, it about as helpful as Microsoft Help. I can get a product description and specs but nothing specifically about the adapters.

But I’m also freely willing to admit that my search-fu could be weak . . .

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Could have been but it looked like the adapter would fit into the bottom of the stock and then slide onto the buffer tube.

Didn’t like there was a right/left placement options.

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Ok. I feel stupid.

Finally found another FAB Defense video that showed that one set of the adapters is already preinstalled on the stock.

And like @brad mentioned, the “L” and “R” do stand for right and left as they are installed on either side of the stock . . .

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I’m a winner. I want a bbq sandwich.


Worse case scenario - give them a call.

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You want fries with that?

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Some years ago I picked up a new Beretta semi-auto shotgun. It came with several “shims” which were labeled L,R,C.

Their instructions were for a left or right cant, or none for center. The shims seemed negligible except for the metal stamped letters.

I can’t say I noticed a difference, significant or not.

Simply went with the center.

Not sure if that helps or caused more confusion.

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