Even Post Offices Aren’t Safe

Situational Awareness is extremely important when going to the Post Office but especially during this Christmas Season. In Illinois, carjacking is the new pandemic thanks to Soros backed prosecutors and the recently passed and soon to be enacted Safe”T” (Thugs) Act that is about to free more criminals without bond. Carjacking at Post Offices are not the only crimes occurring at Post Offices during this season…Criminals try to target older people during the times of the month when they are most likely picking up government checks or paying bills. If you see people loitering about even when you are dropping off mail at the drop mailboxes, you might want to wait until there is a lot of people around to drop off your mail…speaking of which…there has been a rash of mail box thefts, even the drop off ones at Postal facilities. Thieves know you are probably going to write checks to loved ones and renew magazine subscriptions. The criminals brake into mailboxes (even using stolen cars and steal mail to wash your checks and defraud you… The criminals in Illinois know they won’t be chased and the Safe(T) Act guarantees they won’t be held if caught…. Be vigilant and leave yourself an out…don’t get stuck behind a possible carjacker in line “dropping off mail”…be prepared to defend your self or escape…have the mental awareness, your avenue of escape.and your self defense tools accessible if you are licensed…Remember that the criminals know you cannot legally concealed carry into the post office…Lock your car if you must go inside!!!


Note also that firearms – concealed, openly carried, or in your car in the parking lot – are prohibited on Post Office premises. Unlike entering a private building with a “no guns” sticker on the door, possessing a firearm in a Postal facility is a federal crime. 18 USC Sec 930 & Title 39, Code of Federal Regulations, Section 232.1

The issue has also been litigated and ruled on by the 10th Circuit – no guns on Post Office property, even in the parking lot and even if the carrier possesses a valid state CCW license. Bonidy et al v. U.S. Postal Service.


Use one of the postal facilities that does ups too.


This is exactly why I do not go to the Post Office. If I need to send a package through USPS, I schedule a pickup. Even if I can’t schedule a pick-up, they allow me to just give the package to them, since we have built great relationships with them.


Good post👍🏻, the office of Veteran Affairs is also considered a Govt. building.

Id like others to know about tagging a vehicle. It could be anything from a flyer or zip tie put on your vehicle to mark it. It can be used for anything from targeting a person to marking a vehicle for a later theft. I hate to say use your imagination but that’s a simple term.

LEO/CO’s should be especially diligent.

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Oddly enough, our local post office no longer has the “no firearms” decals on the doors, nor the statutory text, both of which were prominently displayed until sometime this spring. I asked one of the counter clerks about it and they hadn’t really noticed but were certain that the rules hadn’t changed.


Great post Thomas37, nothing better than reminding us about specific points of concern.

I notices a hand print on one of my tires that was certainly out of place, a single, clear 4 finger print. No reason for that to be there. I also had a smudge of grease on the drivers door, again no reason for that to be there. Now you got me thinking…


This is a very serious issue to me. My daughter has had someone use AirPod’s to track her car on 2 separate occasions.

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Zavier_D, this has been a practice that most people either aren’t aware of or haven’t experienced the end result. When I say the end result it could vary from targeting the vehicle for a later theft or the targeting the person or their home/family.

The sole purpose of the tag is to single out that vehicle or person(s). I purposely tagged my LEOs friends truck. I told him what I was doing it and I said find the tag. He didn’t. It was a folded piece of cardboard that I placed sticking out near his license plate. It was secure enough not to fall off. So if I was a bad guy, I could tell a fellow bad guy about the tag. They could then identify him at his work place etc. They didn’t need a vehicle description they just needed to know about that tag.

A lookout, per say, could tag a vehicle indicating the owner or driver is a soft target. The other perpetrators now have their target. It could be a mother with children, a nice vehicle etc.

A GPS type tracker or tag is more troublesome to me. In my opinion, there’s an anytime locator to the vehicle and person. Boyfriend, stalker, ex, etc.

No person is on their game 24/7. However being situationally aware is important and to be aware that there are people out there that can hurt you.

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VA Regional. I found out the GPS was jambe somehow when trying to turn by turn. No matter what it wouldn’t take me always there. I told my HH6, I guess we can’t get there from here. It so happens a Senator had an office there to. In addition, it is also a federal building. Talking about a triple whammy! Also Post office. This building seemed to be a do it all. :us:

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