Escape Options at Work?

The safest way to win a gunfight is not to have one. And the easiest way to get home safely is to get out of bad situations. Now, I’m not talking about running away from a tough discussion with the boss, but what if something unsettling is starting to happen at the office?

Say a disgruntled former employee is making a big, loud, aggressive commotion in the entryway close to where you are. Do you know how to get out of the building without having to go by them? Or is there a place you can stay and barricade for your safety?

I’m in a glass office with my team, we’re on the second floor and are closest to the first-floor entry. I’ve got multiple ways to get out and multiple ways to get to a safer location. But, if the threat gets past our reception area and comes to the second floor without any warning, I may have to engage. We have multiple security measures in place so that hopefully won’t happen.

What are your escape options at work?


Multiple exits to outside or other areas, one room I can close and lock steel door if necessary. Several armed employees as well, lots of places to hide also.


None, We’re trapped, or dozens of floors in a stairway with no exit onto other floors (security).


I work in a warehouse. Lots of hiding places, things to use for cover, doors(regular and trailer) to escape through. I do several functions that require me to go places in the building others don’t know exist.


I don’t get paid to avoid confrontation. In fact, I’m paid to deal with those types. The ones that I can talk out the door I do, the ones that I can’t? They end up in handcuffs.


Safety options and escape and evade are always things we should consider.

It may sound cold, but… if you receive a letter with a wire, perhaps extra thick, misspelled name or title, … leave it on your desk, walk out and go to the corner pub… then call security and tell them there is a suspect package on your desk.
You are already safe.

I had a friend once that said, if a grenade is thrown, get as far away as you can and drop to the ground as fast as possible… at least within 3 seconds… if not, find the largest person you can… and get behind them. It may be cold, but…

You should always have options. Options to escape, options for cover and options for engaging… and they should be quickly reviewed often and each day your area at work and the pathways in and out should be scanned and updated.

I with @Brad on this one. Being at work is when I’m at my most vulnerable. Unarmed and trapped in a corner.

If I cant escape out to my car, I’m going to jump up there and hide. Hopefully without leaving footprints on the wall.

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For those of you in taller buildings with only the stairwell, have you talked to your human resources about safety precautions?

@Dawn (I am joking)

Do you really think a perpetrator would be able to escape where you work Dawn?

Talking about this at work would likely get me fired. :innocent:

I work at a manufacturing facility which is also a gun-free zone. If I can get out of my office, I have multiple escape paths, and if I am in the plant, literally dozens. I have done dry walk-throughs of just about every path. Other than that I’m totally reliant on my tactical pen, mace, or pocket knife. Good options? Nope. But better than nothing.

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Someone would have to be in a mentally compromised state to try to break in or cause issues here, @DBrogue - you’ve seen how the building is laid out. However, aren’t people who do those types of things usually in a mentally compromised state (anger, rage)?

If someone tried it, I’d say our chances to stop them before too much damage was done are high.

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Yes i have seen it and I think it is great. I am almost willing to bet there are more armed than there are unarmed employees there on any given day (no I am not asking nor do I expect a response about the employees).

Let’s put it this way - I can walk through here on any given day and see people looking at someone’s new handgun, new holster, new rifle… You can hear guns being cleared from time to time when people are checking each other’s carry out. And there’s a lot of people who will let you borrow their gun to try it out at the range. We’re a big extended family (without so much of the family drama) and we want everyone to be able to protect themselves and their loved ones.

It’s a safe place to work :smiley:


I cant carry at work but then I have a work van and am multiple job sites a day and almost always, the van is fueled above half a tank.

If all else fails, I have a fire escape ladder in a bag and a door that locks.

I work from home so I’m pretty comfortable with my “work” situation. My issue comes when I have to travel for work. I end up in customers’ facilities, often in board rooms and/or conference rooms. Situational awareness becomes non-existent as I’m in unfamiliar surroundings with, usually, a room full of strangers.
I tend to do what I can to face the door, with my back to the opposite wall so I can keep some semblance of awareness but it can be tough.

The dream job!