When a kid is at stake am I wrong?



And some people are afraid that AI will eventually overthrow mankind.

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It’s raining outside.

Aren’t they?


ePlatinum is always pretty crucial at such times, am I right or what?

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Yes, eventually you will get it. This should be under miscellaneous.

insanity Works

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For whom?

Not for whom, for what! You mean you’ve never heard of The Attorneys?!? “Insanity Works”, "That Is Fake Video Footage ", and “My Client Ain’t did Sh!t” are some of their greatest hits!

I must be an old dude.

So, Chauncy;

Where were you from again? Texarkana?

We were talking about children being at stake, am I right?

How do you child Texas if steak is risky?

Im asking where to file for child endangerment at because it’s not always me and it cannot be you if im just asking ? As far as I’m concerned it’s never me the same day . I want to know for my kids because my scares are permeant and I would hate to confront them about it with it being only me .

It depends what state you live in. You could call police and they could tell you.
deep department of child and family protective services Texas

Yeah, thanks. I’m through being the gunnie pig . Nothing is more important than the well-being of our youth and if the ones immediate aren’t helping are there … I would like protection because proof will be disconnected discontinued and of course EXEMPT.

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Good for you, your heart is good.