Emails from Gun Owners Of America

I recently got an email saying that for the Fiscal Year 2023, there is legislation funding a whole host of Anti 2nd Amendment stuff including death benefits for ATF and law enforcement agents confiscating firearms.

Here are the TEN gun control provisions hidden in the FY 2023 Commerce, Justice, Science Appropriations bill:

1. Massive ATF Budget Increase to Facilitate Biden’s Pistol Ban
2. Gun Registration Funding
3. Gun Confiscation Law Funding
4. Financial Benefits for Families of Deceased ATF Agents Killed or Injured on the Job while Enforcing Gun Control
5. Ammunition Background Check Study
6. Gun Control Research, Unbound by the Dickey Amendment
7. Anti-gun Community Violence Interventions
8. “Domestic Violence Firearms Lethality Reduction Initiative”
9. “Violent Anti-Government Ideology” Research
10. Gun Control Earmarks

Anyone else on their email list and is this just alarmist nonsense or is it legitimate?


This is the second alert to this that I have received in a week, and burying one kind of legislation inside another is fast becoming a notorious common practice.

Deceit is becoming the rule rather than the exception.


If it is real and ongoing as part of the current’s congress last gasp efforts, is it alarmist? GOA has proven to definitely not be that kind of organization. It is one of the reasons I support them.

This is a real issue, and congress is trying to cram it under a funding bill.


It’s legitimate.


For those playing along at home, Congress is required by the U.S. Constitution to regulate commerce, promote science, write laws, and establish lower courts (Article I, Section 8). However, the same Constitution expressly forbids infringement on the right to keep and bear arms (Second Amendment).


I believe this is legitimate.


Saw this on guns & gadgets today. Yeah it’s real & yes you should be alarmed. Contact your people in office.


Another source for the information, though he’s reporting the same thing as above. GOA is the one providing the information.

Also, fact sheet from GOA:

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