EDC-Lights on pistols

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I wonder if I should post my next Topic? I have a lot on my mind since coming back from training class this past Sat.


Did he say “Booger Hookers”?

He did that was funny!!

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What class did you take?


Foxden Solutions - I took the barvo class. I am taken few more courses. The low light class and the ar15. I love training.


My personal edc’s all have lights on them, the lights are not a straight beam, at least on mine they are cone shaped. So I can work the edges of the illumination w/o ever pointing my gun at someone.

I also have my light extend out a little for in case of a contact to body shot is needed, the light sticking out helps keep the body contact from pushing my edc out of battery.



Watch the video linked above (twice). Ayoob specifically addresses that procedure.


Personally I never carry a flashlight,for the simple reason it glows the area you are at,and if around the house and it is dark I do have thermal on a NV headset,and do have lasers on all my weapons, but thermal lights a person up but not you, that is my opinion, if you have thermal or nv gear and at night ,then use them and they light up,but not you


Riddle me this though. What is the difference between the approved police method and a light mounted weapon.

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Someone who knows what the approved police method is will have to explain that for us; I have no idea what that is. A weapon mounted light is an object, not a method. There are good and not so good methods for using a weapon mounted light. As I said, Ayoob gives advice on using a WML for general area observation.


I already know the police procedure.

If I am out clearing a room, it’s because I know whatever noise that got me out there it isn’t supposed to be there.

Also I don’t have my “booger hook” (Massad Ayoob’s words from that video) on or even near the trigger. But then I don’t use my WML as my source of light. I made a comment that a WML is a cone not just a beam, and could be used that way.

My WML is used for one of the good methods he mentioned. I would rather have both hands on my weapon.


In what edc context do you clear rooms?

There is no Every Day Context in which I clear a room/rooms every single day.


I tried, but I got tired of moving tactically around my house. LOL


Hot button topic, but an important one.

I watched the video posted here, it agrees with the USCCA video I watched on the subject that advised the same practice.

The WML is not for searching, or initial identification, a handheld light to me is like the holster or the sling, it’s required equipment like bullets or trigger finger discipline.

I have very few WML’s, and none are for searching or identifying noises, they are only on the few that can be particularly anticipated to be used in low, or no light situations, and only after a handheld light has served it’s purpose first.

My EDC does not have a WML

At the USCCA site, I saw a product and technique I thought was the only truly preferable way to go about it. A light and holster combination where a magnetic switch activated the WML when the pistol was drawn from the holster. The handheld light was used in the low light situation until the threat was revealed and it was time to draw the weapon, at which time the handheld flashlight was dropped for the draw stroke. The WML automatically comes on any time it’s out of the holster.

Fortunately for me, because I don’t have the money for all that fancy kit, I only practice with a handheld, and the WML, (on the select few that have it), is there if I drop, loose, or can’t use the handheld after the draw has been forced.

I think of it like the steering wheel, brake pedal, gas pedal, and turn signal, on the car. All required equipment that must be used in appropriate sequence and application. A hand held light is one of those things.

WML is like the emergency flashers, I almost never use them, but after something has already gone wrong, they can end up being pretty indispensable.

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I can see the appeal to that, but, I don’t want it, personally (magnetic holster/WML thing)

I am not always (rarely if ever, actually) going to want the WML on just because I drew the gun. I can think of plenty of reasonable, and have seen real life on video as well as read about, situations where a person is justified in making the wise decision to draw their pistol, but don’t want the light drawing attention to themselves the moment they ‘clear leather’. There are times for a surreptitious draw, after all.

I’m with you on a handheld light in the home being essential kit for home defense, though, and a very good idea for EDC