Easy-to-rack pistol -- *in CA*?

Several counties in the Central Valley have 2A Sheriffs. Just sayin’

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indeed, “most” counties in CA do have “2A sheriffs”! But the catch is that since you can only get a carry permit in a county in which you live or work, there is no way at all for the majority of California residents to get a carry permit :frowning:, The only options are to move to a rural county or move out of state.

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Bob, there’s a couple things I’d like to say with regards to your comment.

  1. I completely understand what you’re saying

  2. If I completely understand what you’re saying, I still couldn’t admit to breaking the law as a law abiding citizen.

therefore, Thanks for your input but as a “law abiding citizen” I would never want to jeopardize myself by breaking the law. I also would never implicate myself if I did break the law. I wish you the best and hope, like me, you follow the law and continue to do what is legal and right.


Well it’s sort of like this. I don’t live in California, I’ve never visited there and probably never will. I’m sure “you people” are as strange and foreign to me as those that live in foreign lands across the ocean. You see my people came to these shores in the 1700’s and fought against the British with a guy they called “The Swamp Fox” (Francis Marion) Today we are called Hillbillies & Rednecks, back then we were known as patriots. Now I’ll stop at all the stop signs and obey the law in every way but “if’n y’all try to git my shotgun en pistol there will be Hell to pay!”


Oh Yea, I did serve in the U.S. Army during Vietnam, and I swore the Oath. BRING back the Draft and let’s put all these "peacfull protestor’s in the military.
Deo Vindice & Rangers lead the way!

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You are correct of course. Everyone needs to obey the LAW! Even those that burn buildings, police cars and spit on law officers and throw bricks. Civilized people NEVER attack others. I will never break your California law because I never plan to visit there.
Just think! If Jay Sebring or Sharon Tate would have had a firearm next to them Charlie my boy may have not died in prison. Pay attention to the kind of politicians y’all vote for and the future outcomes may be different from the past.

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I’m pretty vocal about who I vote for and I don’t hide the fact that while I may not agree with all GOP policies, I do support them over the dems. I walked away from the democratic party a while ago and haven’t once regretted that decision. To me, it’s pretty simple…you can’t unsee the truth once you open your eyes to see it.


Saying, “You people” clearly identifies the type of person you are. I have some good friends who were born and raised in the various parts you might consider home and like you, they too were “narrow-minded”. Since we first met, I’ve invited them out to visit with the family several times throughout the years as we’ve visited them. At first when I visited them, like you, the locals were all ignorant twats but soon learned that not all people living in california were much different than they were. I’ve had the opportunity to meet people from across the country and that’s why I know how alike we all are. I would highly suggest you get out of your little skewed bubble and travel our country. You literally idolize the efforts your forefathers made while forgetting, their achievements aren’t yours. I guess that unlike your forefathers, you haven’t contributed much…so maybe it’s time you stop bragging about them and start reflecting on yourself.

Have a lovely day and I do hope you travel more and see our country and the people so you can broaden your mind.


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San Bernardino County is great on issuing CCW. The San Bernardino County Sheriff is awesome very pro 2A.


thanks for the reminder. Deleted my last post!

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My Ruger LC9s is an easy rack

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Thanks for the comment about the LC9!
that’s one on our list to try … after FFLs open up again (they have all been closed around here since March … clear 2A infringement, but …)

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