Chicago or Chicagoland?


If the people of Chicago were serious about saving their city’s history and reputation they would NOT have elected Brandon Johnson. He told you what he was and where he stands during his campaign. You get what you vote for. @Jerzees I can appreciate you defending your city, but Brandon Johnson is dangerous. I have four close friends that are retired Chicago cops ranging in rank from uniformed officer to detective, sergeant, and captain. They all love their city and rightfully so, but they are so sad of what it has become.


I don’t understand why he was elected. They had a much better choice in Willie Williams. Willie is rich, he wasn’t in it for the money. I think he would have tried to head in the right direction. I guess I shouldn’t care because I live in Indiana, but I do care about my neighbors to the west.


Those are two different Worlds.

Chicago + Cook County - these are great places to live, if you don’t know what the firearm is and you don’t care about all the problems related.
Chicagoland - these are great places to live, if you carry the firearm and you care about all the problems related.

You see the difference? :wink:

My feelings about Chicago have nothing to do with politics. It is just wonderful place I can spend time with my Family and friends. Good place to do the business. Beautiful lake shore, great museums, fantastic restaurants.
Why do I need to think about crime and all the bad things… if I’m not part of it. Yes, Chicago is a high crime area and that’s the reason I know when and where to be when I’m there. Don’t we call it situational awareness? Just in a bigger scale.

This is not a place to discuss voting in IL. I can tell you one thing - most of Illinoisans votes for Republicans. Chicago, politically, is the opposite and nothing is gonna change this.

I don’t like to continue this discussion and explain the reasons who and why won election in Chicago and why we have to live with this. I don’t want to be accused of racism, bias, enmity, antipathy, aversion or other habits that put me into the troubles…


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Yup, I lived in Gold Coast, UK Village, Park Ridge, Elmhurst, Lisle, and Villa Park.
I know the difference :rofl:

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If you wrote those place in the order you lived in… you took a good direction to better life. :grin:


Yup, to Nevada. :rofl::rofl:
Sis lives in Midlothian so it’s kinda iffy down there.


My Army roomy came from Cabrini Green, You know, one of those nice places to live in Chicago.


I believe CG is now million dollar condos

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My experience was from the mid 70’s, I heard they tore it down.


I used to live a couple blocks east at Division & Oak

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