Don't mess with the Marines!

Marines at Virginia Chick-fil-A break knife in half while stopping attack (

A knife broken in half by Marines who prevented a potential stabbing at a Virginia Chick-fil-A restaurant, authorities said. Stafford County Sheriff’s Office
© Stafford County Sheriff’s Office


The age group always concerns me! 14 - 17. Shouldn’t they be fishing or on a basketball court?
I woke up in the morning, stretched and gathered the guys to go to the baseball field, not to go on a mugging spree!

I understand you can lead a horse to water, and you can’t force them to drink, but you can surely tie them to the trough!

These should be for kids. Our dogs are more disciplined than our kids!


Apparently they couldn’t afford a better knife, most likely stole it from Grandmas kitchen. :roll_eyes:


I was just listening to a talk about the difference between valor and courage. It took courage for the Marines to look beyond themselves. It took valor for them to step in and prevent a murder. Kudos to them, I hope they get a medal or some kind of commendation for their actions.

It also reminds me of what one old man once told me. “Having the will to fight is winning 3/4 of the battle.”