Virginia Self Defense incident

After reading this article, I read one of the article’s comments (which appeared to be from a female poster) and wondered about people’s thoughts on the young ladys’ take.

The article:

The commenters’ take:
[Mrs. Sunshine]

Not guilty. Should not have been indicted in the first place.
Persecutor was criminalizing self-defense.

A reasonable person would believe the stranger getting in his face in an aggressive manner and not backing down upon vocal commands was a threat. Especially when our outlaw government is flooding the country with dangerous criminals and terrorists.


I go around purposely committing crimes, catching them on video, Post them for everyone to see looking for cred. Someone defended their self against a serial criminal and gets arrested? That folks is a description of plain old madness.


Mess with the bull, get the horn.


A large, young man with an accomplice confronts a slightly-built man, who is a delivery driver, and will not relent. Since delivery drivers are assaulted, shot/killed often enough, being confronted in that manner, I could see where he would be concerned. He obviously is aware that his job is dangerous, since he carried a handgun. After seeing some of that guy’s other videos, I am suprised he hadn’t been beaten or shot previously. He is a complete amoral moron. The worst is the victim is paying the penalty for this moron’s behavior.


A lot more people are going to get hurt if Brandon remains in office!
He’s awash in the blood of ordinary Americans! A disgrace to civilization!

They have “climate change”, I’m glad to say, we have FAFO!
I do however recommend less lethal, Bear or any kind of pepper spray.
A shame, Sarin or VX gas in a can is not available yet!
Don’t argue, it’s less lethal for at least 20 - 30 minutes!
You want to be a YouTuber? Better dress appropriately…


Not sure why police sit on their behinds despite video evidence of multiple crimes committed. “Stealing luggage at the airport” prank and still walking free - you’ve got to be kidding me.

The driver didnt do anything wrong.


That clown is very lucky to still be breathing.Karma will get this douche,wait and see.Hes already proved a shroud of idiocy won’t stop a bullet.


I have seen youtube videos about USCCA dropping this guy (Alan Colie) from coverage. Does anyone know if this is true and why? It might just be propaganda against USCCA, just looking for more info.

See this thread: