Do you use a betalight

Have you used a betalight, compared to other lights how do u think it compares? With a 15 year life,and needing no batteries. Could your bug out bag use a betalight? What are your thoughts. How about a few added to the house,when power goes down,just use them in the rooms they always stay in.


I had to look at what they were, hadn’t heard of them before. Here’s a snippet of what their website says:

Betalights are unique, providing a highly reliable and continuous light source throughout a long service life without the need for any kind of electrical power.

I haven’t used one, but I’m kinda interested now. Can’t wait to hear what others have to say!

I sent a request on price point in case of grid out or bug out.

If you look at the sight,use the white go to drop down( it’s easy to miss) for a huge list and at the bottom of every page is the requisite sample