Do you Plunk?

Plinko? Splunking? Plinking? No - Plunk

What the heck ins Plunking?

Have you heard of the plunk test? Do you test your ammo this way?


When I’m reloading I do something similar but for my carry ammo I simply load up the magazines, and cycle each round through the gun. If there’s the slightest problem with seating I toss that round.

The visual inspection is a very necessary step most people don’t consider but it will identify most problems such as improperly seated bullets and primers, swelled, crinkled, or cracked cases.

Feel is another test. Roll each round around in your hand paying attention to how it feels, you’d be surprised how many defects you can detect with such a simple method.

Another good job by Beth.

Will make it a practice now.

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